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What are your top 5 biggest DO WANT's of E3 2013?


Grudges against Microsoft and Sony aside, all that bullshit (coupled with the post-conference bullshit) cannot topple the sheer amount of mystery that comes with each year's E3.

New consoles, new technology, new games. Admittedly, not nearly as tantalizing as the jump from the previous gen, but tantalizing nonetheless. I am going to watch every conference. That is my "goal". Even if it means sticking through with the most mundane of presentations. 

Microsoft claims to be done with the needless TV and sports features romp, but I guarantee there will still be a hefty handful of Kinect nonsense. And EA will likely spend most of their time talking up stuff like Madden/FIFA. Maybe we'll at least see a reveal of the next Dragon Age? Battlefield 4 will also surely excite, despite my cynicism towards 3 and what is likely to become of 4.  

With each E3 also comes a lot of wishful thinking. And that wishful thinking is something I'm trying to stay clear of. Nope. Nary a thought of Half-Life 3, Fallout 4, Beyond Good and Evil 2, a GTA V demo showcase, Persona 5, or a next-gen Destroy All Humans shall enter my head. I'm going to stay grounded in boring reality. Where nothing is at all like our most wildest dreams and we'll never ever see a sequel to Advent Rising.


Welp, here's what I'm looking forward to. "Realistically".

Dead Rising 3

It only had made it's rounds to a select few spots in the interwebz, but this photo ended up outing Halo: Spartan Assault just a wee little bit before it's official announcement.

And what else do you notice about that photo (besides it's excruciatingly awkward perspective)? Yep! Halo 5, Fable IV, a new Banjo Kazooie, and so on. However, what has me most excited is the next installment in the Dead Rising series. We do at least know for sure that Dead Rising 3 is in the works, so all we have to do now is assume this photo is totally legit!

Dead Rising has easily retained a spot on my best new IP's of this generation list, and it's always exciting to see what more they can pull off with it. It's one of the few franchises out there that is not only primarily about a wacky sense of humor and fun, but doesn't solely rely on those qualities (*cough*). A fun game is only fun for a short while unless it has a little something more supporting it. Challenging/rewarding gameplay, a lively and interactive open world, and more.

I would love to see the next new area to explore, the next set of nutty boss fights, and just how many thousands of zombies they can fit on-screen with this next leap in console technology.

3D Mario

This is likely on a lot of our most wanted lists. Every (console) 3D Mario has brought with it something fun and entirely new. From the jump to 3D with the OG 64 iteration, to the FLUDD device in Sunshine, to the planet/gravity focus of the superb Super Mario Galaxy.

There is nothing quite as solid, classic, or whimsical as a quality Mario title. Even Mario's most droll of releases are never not fun. If this were another "New" iteration, I'd still be excited, if a good deal disappointed.

Hell, I think we'd all be fine with just another Sunshine.

Oh darn. There I go with my stupid wishful thinking again!

Fable Anniversary

Only announced just several days ago with only sparse info and a teaser, I'm already super excited for Fable Anniversary. Because I already know it's an excellent game. Or, at least it was for it's time.

It was one of the games that sparked my interest in RPG's and was the first game I played where I would take notice of not just the gameplay or the world surrounding me, but it's amount of personality and engrossing story. One of the highlights of the game for me, even back in the day, was meeting up with my sister again and seeing what had become of her. It hit me pretty freaking hard.

I was too young to be wrapped up in the insane amount of hype the game garnered up all the way up to it's climax right near the release. I went in fresh and came out very impressed and I can't wait to experience it all again. Even if it potentially has not aged too well.


As it goes with a lot of classic titles, both old and new, I have them, but have not yet played them or played enough of them. These last several years have been fucking awful to me and my gaming backlog.

Still collecting a large amount of metaphoric dust in my Steam library is the original Thief. And Thief 2. And Deadly Shadows.

I have no idea how these games play beyond knowing that they are stealth games. But, I bought them... because they are stealth games. A genre that is heavily underrepresented in this industry. I have much respect for Metal Gear Solid, one of my favorite games is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, I really really need to play more of Dishonored, and I am most certainly looking forward to the Thief reboot.

Admittedly, only because it is a stealth game.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Another recent announcement, but one, thankfully, with some gameplay and a more generous amount of info.

Already being described as Alan Wake meets Ghost Trick, my most anticipated games list welcomes the impressively interesting Murdered: Soul Suspect. What seems like a classic mystery novel turned video game, you must uncover the secrets behind your very own grisly murder. And you get to walk around with those neat, shiny, golden bullet wounds the entire time.

My only concern is with the supposed focus on linearity, which could give way to some lackluster second (and beyond) playthroughs. Here's hoping it's even half as delectable as Alan Wake and they give you some reasons to keep playing (besides achievements). I'm always open to new IP's such as this.


Care to name off your personal top 5 DO WANT's? You better.

Just do it. HURRY UP.
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