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In mere hours, I will begin life in the first house I've lived in since I was around 6 or 7 years old (currently 23). That's already pretty exciting! But, with that comes new obligations, a new (and much better) primary living quarters, and some big life changes that I hope to have myself stick to. 

A new place of living is more than just that, it's also a damned good reason to start yourself off fresh. Like a New Years resolution-type deal. All those awful memories of let downs, bad choices, and unconsummated commitments are now far easier to let go of, and you're ready to begin again.

Now, speaking of which, I'm not exactly known for committing to much of anything. I spent 6 months at college to then reconsider my career choice, for one thing, and I always proclaim many tinier changes throughout the year that never amount to much in the end. I almost had a song appear on Rock Band's indie-friendly Rock Band Network for Christ's sake! I'm just that lazy. 

But, I'm tired of that. Tired of being such a fucking late bloomer. I feel as if so many have done so much more with their lives by my age. I hate thinking about that. The most committed I've been to anything is my meagerly successful YouTube channel, my guitar playin', and this here blog (which I'm very glad is as popular as it is within a community of some real quality writers).

Changes are a-comin'.  

For starters...

Jogging for a longer, fitter, healthier life

When I was around 14, I was very unhappy with my weight. I wasn't necessarily fat (nor do I consider myself fat now, despite Wii Fit having me momentarily believe otherwise), I was just pudgier than I would want. And, ya know what? I lost that weight like a champ. Where did all that moxy go? I was so awesome to myself then!

I remember one of the things I had a problem with was my jean size. Funny that it wouldn't be until several or more years later where I accepted that I just had more of a female-type figure rather than being straight up-n-down like most other guys. But, my stomach was also a problem, much like it is now. 

Crunches and walking/jogging will surely solve all that. To make things easier, I'll be moving into a community that's far less anti-social and into surroundings that are more minimalist and more in it with nature (we have cutesy deer prancing about everywhere).

The Internet as a career

This is the one that scares me the most, but it's also the most exciting!

In recent years, I've learned that the Internet is a viable way of steady income. YouTube may be slowly becoming a much harder place to make money off of, but there's always Twitch and journalism. 

Gaming and blogging are two things I've already familiarized myself with quite well, and I feel I have the chops to become a damn good addition to any gaming site (hint hint hint). Next to music, blogging and commentary are my best skills, and putting those to especially good use would be much easier and far less soul-wrenching than spending most of my week at places like McDonalds or HEB (it's a Texas thing). There's no future there, and with the little experience that I've had at my growing age, unfortunately, those are the places I have the biggest chances of landing a job at.

Until another 3 or 4 years of college are out of the way, I'm either going to have to settle or apply my strengths. And most of my strengths lie here.

Remember that life is rarely ever all that bad

If I can't live an amazingly successful life, I should at least stride to live a happy life.

Just like that. I'm lucky to be as well off as I am, and so sweating the small stuff is pretty stupid. I have close/supportive friends, I have enough entertainment to last me several lifetimes, I'm social, I'm not stuck to a single hobby, I don't foresee much financial trouble...

So what's the big fucking deal if, God forbid, my Internet goes out, or I feel a little sick, or another job potential slips away? Shit happens! It's so simple, but we hardly truly realize how stupid it is to complain about crap like that. Or to at least let it drag us down in the long run. In my case, staying positive isn't very hard as long as I just try. 

And exerting just a wee bit of effort is, in of itself, not very hard. 


Go play Not the Robots. It features stealthy, hungry robots and will make you happy. Office desks, shelves, and lamps are the ultimate comfort foods!

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