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IT'S HAPPENING - I am decimating my backlog; All out of bubblegum


At this point in my backlogging adventure, I am declaring a big old "Haha!" to my ADHD. A lack of patience and focus that has cursed my entire life... up until now. It seems I have finally conquered it in at least one respect!

In elementary school, I would constantly act out in class, eventually leading to me being expelled. In Jr. High, my medication may've helped me with my grades, but I was really shy and would hardly make any friends. In high school (which were, by far, the best times of my life), I finally obtained the social life I so desperately needed. However, being off my medication meant more trouble for school. 

Without going into too much more detail, it's not been good to me socially, academically, and even when it comes to my free time. ADD/ADHD may be a myth to some people, but something has always been definitely up with my head.

Well, I'm happy to say that for the first time in years I am putting a dent into my gaming backlog. In the past week, I have finished two fairly sizable console games without ever once deviating into another!

I've always been real good at buying games and then potentially playing them for a couple or more hours, but, recently, I haven't been good at finishing games. This wasn't really a problem before this generation, around when high school started, but since coming off my anti-crazy pills for good, it's been tough.

I think we've all been there at least a time or two. You play a game.. and it's really good! This particular game does this thing better than most other games do that thing, I never saw that thing coming and it was awesome, and so on.

And, to almost save yourself from witnessing a low point, you stop. You say "Let's just stop here for now.", but what you're really saying is "This is great and I don't want to soil this 'great' image that I have painted of it into my brain.".

Most recently, I believe I did this with Persona 4: Golden. It was starting to drag on just a teeeeeensy bit, but then it got really damn good again around the point where they started introducing sidequests and whatnot. Then, essentially, I was like "Alright. Let's not ever pick this up again.".

How stupid.

One of the two games that I finished this past week was actually another ATLUS-published, Persona dudes-developed game, Catherine. I loved it. A few control querks and an occasionally questionable karma system aside, it was a highly-polished experience. A game that was obviously made with passion.

And speaking of passion, the game's love triangle story is certainly an intense and surprisingly mature one. Just about everything that could possibly go wrong in that sort of situation does go wrong. But, because it's all centered around a single character, the main protagonist Vincent, the many plot points that appear throughout are tightly focused rather than thrown around in various directions like some lame soap opera.

Side characters are charming, occasionally providing a laugh out loud moment. Towards the end, Vincent even blurts out a few out-of-character side-splitters.

"Fucking blocks! I'm going to climb the shit out of you!"

And I never thought such an RPG-focused developer (correct me if I'm wrong) would be able to create such an enthralling and interesting puzzle experience. I gotta say I loved both the story and the gameplay, with neither aspect feeling incomplete. I got as much mileage as I would want from Catherine out of this satisfyingly self-contained experience.

That doesn't happen too often.

Even Bioshock Infinite, I felt, could've had a lot more gameplay for how meaty it was on it's atmosphere and story. Because, well, I played the original two Bioshock's for both gameplay and story.

And, wouldn't ya know it, speaking of Persona, the next game I'm about to tackle shall be Persona 3.

As I've mentioned, I've played a decent chunk of Persona 4: Golden already, but that was a while ago. Now, I feel I'm determined enough to take on the franchise long-term without putting it down for some nonsensical reason. After which, I'll likely be back on Persona 4.

This is an exciting time for me. I'm about to move into a new and lovely house next month and I've got all the free time in the world until the end of the year when school and, hopefully, a job will start back up. Best part is, I won't be taking that free time for granted any longer.

Wish me luck! I'm rolling out.

[Do you have any backlog woes? Tell me about them so when can cry and understand together.]
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