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After years of low-end laptop gaming, I am getting a proper gaming PC


Tomorrow, I begin a journey. I've always wanted to do this and it seems as if it's actually going to happen soon enough!

"YA SEE...."

I've always known I've needed a new computer. Even when I had an actual PC, I needed a new one. I say that mostly because my old PC was actually better. This laptop, which was MORE EXPENSIVE is, frankly, a piece of garbage. I got it probably early 2009, and within a few months, software started acting up, crashes became a regular occurrence... and even after getting it checked up it had it's oddities.

My old PC? I had that thing since 2001-2002 and it was awesome. It ran all the current age games like GTA: Vice City, Half-Life 2 and eventually Left 4 Dead. Granted, there wasn't much about those games that challenged PC specs, even at the time, but it's all I wanted to play back then. Now I've broadened my PC horizons far more and this stupid stupid laptop just ain't cuttin' it anymore.

I truly realized this when something happened today I did not expect in the slightest.

I was all ready to record myself playing (and commentating over) Amnesia: The Dark Descent for the first time. I was all pumped and ready to (potentially) wet myself in front of the entire internet. It finished downloading, I took a breather and then jumped in.


After about 15 seconds of nothing, I got a "FATAL ERROR" message saying that Render #0 wouldn't load or some BS. I'm no tech expert, but I'm pretty sure that means this laptop freaking sucks. After all I've heard about this game not needing much to run, this is the first game I've attempted to play that does this for me.

Fuuuuuuuuuuck that. That's what I said, I did.

Tomorrow, I venture to Best Buy and pick out my specs and PC.

Nono, I'm not gonna ask it to run Crysis on "MAXIMUM SETTINGS!", I just want to play stuff like Amnesia, GTAIV (hell, even just GTA: San Andreas which this laptop can barely run), The Binding of Isaac (I actually have to play THAT on low settings at the moment), Left 4 Dead 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2.... all, preferably, on high. That shouldn't be too hard to do, eh? I'll upgrade when I finally feel the need to get games like BF3 or Skyim on the PC. Until then, I'm contempt with more modest outputs.

So, I honestly can't wait! Especially for GTAIV and Left 4 Dead 2. Awesome games basically meant for PC's and I will soon see for myself.

With that said...

What are some games, with those kind of limitations in mind, should I pick up once I join the almighty Master Race?

Tell me below. And feel free to name off some super low-end titles I may've missed too (I currently have my eye on Machinarium) . GO GO!
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