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10 things you will regret reading about Seymour


A Kirby for each thing. What a great header!

I don't regular the C-blogs quite like I did in 2012/2013, but I still take interest every now and again! Hell, I'm actually currently writing up something pretty ginormous that I hope you will all enjoy once it's finally finished. I'll scream if you don't (no really, I probably will). 

I remember when this last stream of "10 things about..." blogs cropped up from, seemingly, out of nowhere. I felt obligated to start one of my own, which I never finished. Same can be said for actually most of the blogs sitting in my editor. There's one in there about the Xbox One reveal in the style of Sterling's classic "Blatantly Better" series that never got finished, a RE: Revelations review that was dropped in favor of just reviewing Jill's butt, even an in-depth editorial on video game waifus (I think I might finish that one after my time with Persona 3 and 4). 

Well, I may just finish this one. And if I'm not the only one reading this, then that means I did! Enjoy?

10. I've had four active YouTube accounts over the past 7 years

The YouTube account I'm still using (and have been using since mid-2008) is HammettSHREDZ. But, before and in-between, there have been others. At one point, HammettSHREDZ and another account which I used for video game reviews were riding side by side. 

One of the two before HammettSHREDZ was where a couple guitar covers were uploaded, as well as a "review" of Battlefield: Bad Company that I've since purged from this world. Just to give you an idea of my idea of humor at that time, at one point during the... "review", I held up a triplet of Pop-Tarts like Poker cards whilst proclaiming "Cha-ching, motherfucka!".


Everytime either one of my two friends who's had the (dis)pleasure of seeing that video brings it up, this is basically what's going on in my head:

9. I've played soccer, baseball, and even did a little karate

Baseball was my favorite sport growing up, and I passionately played it on occasion with my grandfather in his front yard or with my cousins. As far as soccer, I even played on a team for a short while before being diagnosed with a minor form of asthma.  

Karate was the one I "officially" stuck with for the longest. I got my yellow belt at around 6 or 7 in one institution, quit, came back several years later to another and got a couple stripes, then quit that one as well. I think I secretly wanted to be able to kick people's asses, but I would always realize quickly it wasn't all that interesting of a path to me. 

These days, any sort of sport (even "e-sports") bores me to no end. I can barely even be bothered to care for my local teams, even if it's thoroughly awesome that the Spurs are currently on such a brutal winning streak at the moment. 

8. I've broken my right wrist three times in the same spot

I might need one of these at some point.

At a very young age, some jerk pushed me off the edge of a playground castle, I fell to the sand below and broke my right wrist. Couple years later, it happened once more when I tried stopping a ball flying towards me at daycare. 

The worst and final case happened while rollerblading so goddamn fast that my brain didn't have the needed time to send a message down towards my legs to either stop myself or to bunny hop onto the sidewalk. I tripped and fell 7-8 feet forward onto my poor, already weathered wrist and commenced screaming

God, that was a scream if you'd ever heard one.

Now, considering the amount of guitar I play, how many hours a day I'm either on the computer or playing games, and... *ahem*... various other frivolous activities, you'd be surprised to hear how well off my wrist is to this day. I have my off-days with my guitar, but, beyond that, it's amazing I don't already have super arthritis.

I'm sure it'll happen someday, though. That's gonna suck. 

7. Most of my favorite games are... shooters

What plebeian nonsense is this?!

Yes, yes. I know I should be bored of shootyshootybangbang, but I'm kind of not. At the very least, if I were to list off some of my favorite games, I'd likely be naming quite a lot of shooters. Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Saints Row 2, Alan Wake, Bioshock 2, Dead Space 1/2, Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, Left 4 Dead 2, etc. 

There's some genre variety if you look hard enough, though. Catherine, SMTIV, Super Mario Galaxy, Persona 4: Golden (hey, most of those are ATLUS games!), and while to call several off that first list just "shooters" would be doing them a great disservice, the fact still stands that I have a surprising fondness for GAWNZ. 

If I also told you I didn't like strategy games or MOBA's, you'd probably think I was rather mindless. Judge away!

6. I've watched The Simpsons every night for almost a year

It's easier than you might think. To me, The Simpsons is the epitome of good television. Some of the earliest fond TV memories are of comedy sitcoms, and it hasn't lost it's appeal in 2014. 

The Simpsons has had it's missteps in the later seasons, but I'm not of the consensus that it suddenly became unwatchable after S9-12. It's become more about filling time with thin punchlines and (in most recent years) montages as opposed to writing good stories and jokes relevant to said stories, but throughout most of it's 20+ seasons career, it's been pretty great. 

The content above it's very worst (see: S16) is, at the least, so digestible that it's great to study or fall asleep to. I've memorized so many of the earlier episodes and beyond that I don't really have to pay attention to them to enjoy them. Maybe that's the only reason I'm still consistently watching? 

5. When it comes to music, "If it's good, I'll listen."

There's not a single genre of music (outside Noise, though I find that stuff hard to classify as "music") that I won't listen to. At any given time, I might be listening to Billy Joel, and the next moment I'm jamming Bangarang. Either one of those songs is a masterpiece in my mind. 

If you've adopted any sort of real instrument(s), you might understand where I'm coming from. The more you play, the more you start to appreciate not only your chosen field(s), but others as well. So, naturally, I've found myself discovering the merit in just about any type of music you can name. 

Shit. As much as I hate to admit it, I've even enjoyed an exact two Justin Bieber songs. Don't be surprised to see this edited out later. 

4. This is on display in my room:

Pokeman band-aids I got well over a decade ago. 


3. My gaming backlog is 246 games long, with more on the way

According to my current Backloggery, I have a lot of shit to get through. And those are just the "priority" titles. This is not counting any newer releases, upcoming releases, and games I just chose not to include for the time being. 

This... is actually less than I was expecting, actually. 

Wouldn't it be a real knee-slapper if by finishing this backlog of mine, I feel no sort of accomplishment? Rather, it reassures my crippling loneliness, breaks me into a hard sweat, and I realize how dreadfully pointless it all actually was? Haha!

2. My dentist was responsible for the worst day of my life

Before about a year and a half ago, the worst day of my life was what traumatized me into never ever drinking or smoking again. While that is a story worth telling, it's also a long one. And not the focus of this section of the blog. My true worst day story does still have to do with drugs, though. This time, it was under the caring supervision of my dentist. 

I only say "caring" because I'm sure it wasn't his intention to shoot me up with so much of whatever the hell he gave me for my tooth removal that I felt like I was on a bad shroom trip. 

It may've only lasted about 3 hours, but those were some fucking awful 3 hours. All I could see was a swirly blur of purple, yellow, black and green, all I felt was extreme depression and anxiety, and all I could stand to murmur was "I want to feel normal.". You'd think it'd be something that'd pass with time, the vivid memory of a bad high. But, I guess that, sadly, only seems to work with the good ones. 


Interestingly enough, the best day of my life had to do with drugs as well. You might think that I've led a pretty exciting life, but no. Not really, no.

1. The Internet is the reason I'm as socially well-adjusted as I am

From the time I was in high school to when I started going to college for a brief 6 months, it was about a 5-year span. In said span, I went from quiet, awkward and hardly self-aware, to one of the most talkative (and occasionally trouble-making) students in any of my courses and one very much aware of how stupid or plain wrong I could be. 

Not from parties, casual get-together's, classes, or anything like that. It was The Internet. Finding new friends over Xbox Live and chatting it up with them and others via a number of forums or Skype, skimming through hot e-topics that eventually led to me wanting to take part in intelligent discussion, and watching a stupid amount of YouTube content. All helped form what was a sludge of how I am today. 

A bit ironic, ain't it?

To think of where I'd be without The Internet is, actually, a little frightening. I've always considered myself a late bloomer in many respects, and, even still, I have a ways to go. But, as somebody who had originally been developing in what most would consider a "normal" environment, I simply wasn't where I needed to be until The Internet became a huge part of my day-to-day.  

It all may sound somewhat pathetic, but considering the results, I can't complain. My life is still waiting to really get going, but I can't wait until it does. I'm ready.
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