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(VIDEO) Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is very therapeudic


I don't mind telling you all that I have yet to grow tired of zombies in videogames. To me, they, along with aliens/monster aliens, are the most perfect enemy type. There have been tons of videos and write-ups on the subject of exactly why, but putting it bluntly: They're familiar, yet unfamiliar. They're obviously human, but at the same time obviously not. Lastly, they're already dead, so where's the harm in "killing" them again?

They're perfect fodder. And in Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, this is exploited fairly well. Specifically, near the beginning of level 2.

A little before you hit a long alleyway, you'll likely notice, beyond the shattered remains of what used to be lovely walls and windows of a German building, a horde of undead minding their own undead business. One could assume they're only there for visual dressing as you don't immediately see a way to get down there and shooting them merely kills them without drawing their attention. And there's literally dozens of them.

So, rather than waste more ammo, you continue.

And then you drop into a checkpoint. A zombie screams as he falls from atop the left side building and soon after a few kamikaze zombies run your way, for the most part, it's easy-going prone sniping of zombie brains, jaws, chests, necks and vitals. All those zombies you saw just a minute ago are now a threat and at least part of you feels stupid for not taking care of them sooner.

Let's not question whether or not shooting a zombie's "vitals" are important, because it looks fucking awesome. That's what's really important.

The lighting in this section of the game is nothing short of exquisite, with the non-too-perfect draw distance fog actually only making each instance of one zombie or more shifting through into your view all the more cool. The occasional stray kamikaze zombie also helps out with an exciting explosion here or there.

These 6 or so minutes, along with the ending bit I, unfortunately, lost from a computer freeze, was one of my favorite moments of my gaming career. I mean, I fucking love zombies. Patiently mowing each one down with frequent slo-mo killcams was strangely calming, taking down that last one with a kick and a headshot, panicking from this huge one that came out of nowhere (not shown).. shaking uncontrollably with each shot I took at him, knowing that each one I missed meant precious seconds lost. It was only a matter of time before he'd get close enough to unload on me once again, likely killing me. As enjoyable as this all was, I didn't wanna do it again.

He took at least 10 headshots and a trip mine, but I got him.

Boy, was it awesome.
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