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So... GTAV's theme song has supposedly leaked


As a huge GTA fan, I'm literally jumping out of my seat at even the mention of the GTA name by anyone official enough and, thankfully, GTAV news has been popping up a lot more frequently these past several weeks. Last November we saw the debut trailer which made sure to switch every fan's speculation button into the "ON!!!!" position. Then very shortly after we heard from Ray Liotta's management that the Vice City star was, in fact, not part of GTAV despite the narrator sporting a very Tommy Vercetti-ish set of pipes.

After that...

Not much.

BUT, recently, we've heard of R*'s new Crews system that will carry over from their next release, Max Payne 3, into GTAV. We've also heard from Young Maylay himself, voice of Carl "CJ" Johnson from GTA: San Andreas, that he too was not part of GTAV despite that black male running from the cops in the trailer looking suspiciously like an older CJ.

[Although I seriously doubt we won't see any sort of references to GTA: San Andreas in GTAV, being set in Los Santos afterall.]

And now, we may just have the intro music. And it's fantastic.

Oh hey, this place needs to let me do the embed thang already!

At least ever since GTAIII, the franchise has had some great original music, especially in their intros. I even sometimes have myself watch the intro when I start any of the games up just to hear the music before I jump in. Something I probably haven't done since my old days with Sonic Adventure.

Being R*'s most ambitious GTA to date (at least according to R*), this intro theme is a perfect fit. It may not be the best one (although I think it is!), but it's certainly the most epic. Those echoes, the dramatic melody, it definitely feels like they're trying to get you pumped as you first start the game up.

But you know what I need now? The radio station track listing. I FUCKING NEED IT BAD! I went absolutely nuts for about two weeks when Saints Row: The Third's track list was leaked (considering how damned good it was) and knowing R*'s pedigree with their licensed soundtracks, it'll be amazing.

I love it when my two biggest loves (music and gaming) are Frankenstein'd in such an ace way.
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