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SeymourDuncan17's 10 Favorite (NEEEEERD!) Fetishes

I love blog trends! Talking topics is very exciting. 

It's innumerous, the ways in which people can enjoy video games. Some more obvious than others, such as things purely visual or having to do with the polish and feel of the gameplay. Or some not so obvious, such as a game's underlying mechanics or something the player can become attached to on a strictly personal level. 

Then there are people like me. 23, with the sexual drive of a young teen. I'm always looking for new (and morally in-check... ish) ways to excite my todger so that I don't end up in court for something rather awkward, and video games often do some pretty exciting things (whether intentional or not). 

There's something oddly freeing about sharing one's fetishes, and this guy ain't in the mood for holding back. 

1. Dead Or Alive chickas

I didn't know it at the time, but the above image really... interested me, an innocent and confused young man of 13 or 14. 

It's not so much these days that the female stars of fighting franchise, Dead Or Alive... interest me. However, when it was cool to like fakey bouncy fighting gals, I very much liked them. Replaying the intro scene to Xtreme Beach Volleyball (via what was probably an Xbox demo disc) ad nauseam, continuously going through all the intro/outro scenes of each of the girls' Dead Or Alive: Ultimate campaigns, etc. 

Actually, one of my first crushes was. specifically, Kasumi. Yet, for no particular reason, I think. The young mind thinks in such shallow ways that it was probably because her boobs were slightly bigger than the others. 

2. Rouge the Bat

I ain't afraid to admit it. This isn't even the weirdest I'll get. 

Throughout the Sonic games Rouge has been featured in, she's never either totally a baddie or totally on the side of Sonic and friends. She's a tantalizing grey area gal. Little bit of a succubus look to her as well. If you fuck Rouge the Bat, you are livin' on the edge

But, let's be frank. At conception, there wasn't much to go on. So, what were the first two things you noticed about her? And don't tell me it was the wings and the ears. 

They've eased up a bit on them as the years have gone on, but those were some perky as hell knockers. They're still one of her most defining features. 

However, it's her slick mystique that really adds to her appeal. You don't know if you'll wake up in a hard daze with vital organs missing. You may even just wake up to a nice, in-bed breakfast. Either way, she's damned sexy. 

3. Goodra

Credit: slugbox; slightly altered to be more blatantly sexual!

Okay, alright. I'm a teensy bit afraid to admit this one. It is a rather odd one. 

By that same token, no matter how straight-laced you are, no matter how much you think you despise furry tomfoolery... there's a Pokemon for you. And, by that, I mean there's a Pokemon designed to speak to that kinky side of your brain. With over 700 creatures, you'll be taking quite a lot of time to try and prove me wrong. 

Ahhhhhhh! So cute!

Goodra has been somewhat of a hit in the Rule 34 community since (hell, before) X and Y's release. He/she's plump, cute, and ripe for all sorts of funky situations! Perfect DeviantArt fodder. Personally, I'm starting to become fond of the sliminess that would come with a Goodra cuddle. Ain't nothin' too bad like a natural lubricant, with a lotta ground to cover. 

I mean, I've never been that fond of BBW's... but, I'd probably do a Goodra.

4. Catherine (with a 'C')

From the very start of visual novel/action puzzler (still such an interesting combo) Catherine, 'K' Katherine is immediately pushing you, Vincent, the player character, for a more involved and mature relationship in a very stern manner. You have zero context, so you don't really care about these two just yet. In fact, you'd probably rather walk away than wait. 

You're begging for a little freedom, something to loosen you up. 

Then 'C' Catherine shows up. 

That curly blonde hair, the sultry blue eyes, that innocent voice with her frisky dialogue, the body... I fucking lost it during those scenes where she tries to seduce Vincent.

She is a sharp contrast, both visually and conceptually. Essentially the polar opposite of Katherine, only out for frilly touchy feelies. She wants to know your deepest pleasures, and will happily oblige. She's a girl I could project any of my core fetishes onto. And she'll back you into a corner until you can't help but give in. She's a pushy one, that Catherine. 

If it had not been for first introducing us to Katherine, 'C' Catherine wouldn't have been anywhere near as impactful. C's most tantalizing features stuck out all the more, and it was fucking tough playing the gentlemen around her. 

Probably why I didn't get any of the good endings. 

5. Midna (Imp)

If there was one video game gal I'd like to call my "waifu", it'd probably be Midna. As much as I'd tell you I'd prefer someone more quiet and down to Earth, someone like Midna would tickle me pink all the same. 

She's playful, sassy, adorable, and she has one very sizable edge over most characters here: magic

The limits of her powers are never fully-covered in Twilight Princess, but while we do know that she can grow into a giant, mighty destructive beast and alter Link's form from human to wolf, we might as well assume she can also shrink people. Community artists have been going nuts with that and, lemme tell ya, non-specifically, I love the giant/giantess fetish. 

Look, I'm no stallion, but if I were to put my pompous pecker up imp-mode Midna, I'd probably hurt the poor girl. So tiny. She'd have to scale me down to her level and then some anyway, so why not just micro-size me and toy around with that? That'd be something! Oh boy, would it be. 

6. Elena Fisher

This is actually a fairly recent one, as, a couple weeks ago, I went through the original Uncharted as well as Uncharted 2 for the first time in quite a while. Still great games, but I never realized until now... how much I wanna do Elena. 

I suppose I have a thing for cute, though tomboyish/formidable girls. I've been saying this for a long while, but when cute girls get sexy, they get reeeeeeally sexy. There's a slight unnaturalness to it. Like, you assume they just want to spoon or cuddle, but then they stick a chapstick tube up your bum. Caught you off-guard, didnit?

Speaking of which, she has a butt. You can't deny that. 

There it is!

7. Birdo

Take a wild guess. 

8. Kirby

Take a wild guess. 

9. Tali 'Zorah

Gaming's most adorable alien being. A sweetheart with balls, though. Figuratively. But, then again, I ain't picky. Either way is good. All I'm sayin': cute girls with gusto are awesome. Remember that.

Even before Mass Effect 2, she was always in my party. She even takes a liking to shotguns, which are better than everything else that aren't even weapons. She knows how to steal my attention. 

In more ways than one!

Can't speak for any of the other relationship scenes from Mass Effect 2, but I really enjoyed Tali's and they solidified my fondness for her. I did all I could to get her interested, and I wasn't even out for the inevitable sex stuff. I just wanted her to be my guuuurlfrand. 

The sex was more than welcomed, of course! That it came up at the last second, totally under my radar, when I had assumed we wouldn't get a chance before the end-game "suicide mission" made it all the more special. 

I then made sure to always keep her by my side during said mission. And we did it! 

The mission, I mean. The sex too. 

10. Chie Satonaka

Because of course.

Just like with Pokemon, everyone has their Persona character pick. The franchise is filled to the brim with very pretty folk doing pretty young folk things. That Persona 3 and 4, in particular, focus on these "Social Links" only furthers your attachments to your favorite characters. They're so integral to the game's dungeon crawling sections, and they're typically very well done. It's a brilliant synergy of visual novel, life simulator and dungeon crawling. 

It's no mystery why people love Persona so much. 

My personal favorite, though? Duh. The fun-loving tomboy, of course! What little have you learned from my previous postings? I'm totally into that sort of thing. Pay the fuck attention!

Not the farting in your face sort of tomboy. Just enough to not be a total girly-girl. Down with that sort of thing and up with short-haired, tight-legged, steak-loving hoydens (I wasn't aware of any synonyms for "tomboy" and had never heard of that word before this last Thesaurus search)! 

... and then we (US folk) all remember she's only 17. 

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