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All the awesome people here are my Valentines! That means I'm going to kiss you without asking first. Maybe (definitely) also grab your butt.


Lovin' that Square tax on Final Fantasy IX. 21 dollars is absolutely bonkers. Anywho. Astral Chain, Link's Awakening remake, Daemon X Machina, YOSHI (!!!), Oniniki, Mario Maker 2... Fire Emblem's aight. We got a good year ahead of us!


Speaking of good ol' dealies, Car Quest and Milanoir seem like good/safe picks for their asking price ($1 and, I think, $6, respectively) in the current slew of eShop discounts. Bought 'em bowf!


Saturday Bowsette actin' like a Caturday!


Hey. I'm back after being sick for literally more than a week! Got sick, recovered! Did a stupid thing like eat PEPPERY SAUCED-BRISKET, got sick, now I'm recovered! Please now enjoy me again and this sick (gottem) video.


Today is the 20th anniversary of one of the more underrated gems of the survival horror genre, Silent Hill! Everyone goes on and on about Silent Hill 2 (and, to a lesser extent, 3), but the original is still a supremely effective horror experience.






I uploaded a new song to my SoundCloud that's HEAVILY-inspired by Nirvana called "Snakeskins". I hope to add lyrics to it revolving around having to put on a smile whilst suffering through various mental illnesses. FAMILY VALUES! Need critique, plez.


Glad to see so many already loving Kingdom Hearts III! It'll be awhile before I jump into it. I have the "Story So Far" collection on PS4 and probably would rather, um, *try* to understand the narrative. And reconnect with KH1. I'M GONNA WRECK IT!


I wanted to do this earlier, but forgot! So, here we go. Another (very good) excuse to spam through my extensive "Bowsette" folder... #BoosetteBoosday!


Just wanted to share this especially cute Dreams creation I found from one of the artists Jordan linked to in the recent article. Link in the comments.


#MonsterGirlMonday? You guys will have to physically hold me back from just spamming my entire "Bowsette" external hard drive folder over the next several Mondays.


I couldn't sleep last night (as one does), so I stayed up binging a bunch of older Stephen Colbert on auto-play until I fell asleep in my chair (as one does). This is probably one of Colbert's best performances, for those who remember THE MUCC.


While we're posting pictures of ourselves: This is a Before/After of your face on gettin' some fierce time with THE SICKNESS, of which I have gotten DOWN WITH. Any questions?


OF COURSE, the night that most people are busy playing RE2, *I'm* in the ER for extreme loss of fluids, swollen FACE, and exacerbated back pain from all that sick! See you fuckos on the other side, I suppose.


Also, today is the 8th anniversary of another great horror game: Dead Space 2!


Yay! It's done and uploaded! Though, the highlight vids from my RE marathon will probably take another while to get around to fully uploading. But, anyway. Here's my blind run of the first hour or so of the remake!


So, I'm waiting for my RE2 first hour vid to render. Came out really good! Though, I'm curious: Should I highlight each RE game from my 6-hour (didn't make it the full 8) marathon separately or as one huge video (it'll be shaved down dramatically, tbf)?


In just one hour, I'll be doing my 8-hour Resident Evil marathon until the launch of RE2's remake! I've never done anything like this before and I'm so excited! (UPDATE 3: Streaming REmake 2 now!)


Well, until tomorrow's big RE marathon stream, I'm gonna blind run my copy of Fallout 76 I bought on a whim when it had gone on sale so that I can delete and then forget about it forever! Come join and chat!


Don't ya hate it when you try to jerk, but it won't jerk? So, ya stop. Yeah? But, then you're stupid horny and very sensitive for the next several hours or more. Might just be my meds. Not sure how normal this is for lucky folk who don't need that shit.


So, I'm gonna be doing a cool thing tomorrow, I think! I'll be playing RE's 1-7 throughout tomorrow! Hour 7 until RE2R will be RE7, hour 6 will be RE6, and so on. Leading up to the first few "parts" of my LP of the RE2 remake! Hope you guys'll join up!


Had this come up in my Facebook "Memories". Without Google-fu, can you guess, specifically, what I was doing?


I don't think I've bothered showing this off, but just so you know for sure how cool Charles Martinet is...


A poster for T Is For Guilty. A game that never was and that you won't even find info on. The developers stole my heart and their game would've been a solid, expressive outing. A PAX South memory I'll never forget :(


I've been binging older Simpsons all day and, despite its modesty, I think something was lost in the later seasons. Even the very first episode is wonderfully wholesome. Or Bart's breakdown when he couldn't pass his make-up test. Definitely something.


Pardon the spam, but I also reuploaded my old(ish) cover of the Butthole Surfers' "Pepper" with some more vocal liberties taken towards the end! Thought I had made a huge error with going 5/4 signature at one part, but I didn't! One of my favorite songs.


I went and done did a reset of the RE2 Remake "1-Shot" demo timer and wound up with, I think, a better video. Shame it took me doing the same fucking again to get this quality a take, but hey! Thanks to Limo and FakePlasticTree for joining!


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