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Vocals are still a little inconsistent, but I decided to touch up an older cover because I love AiC way too much. I hate pulling a George Lucas on my music, but some things I wanna look back on with the utmost pride. [BUMP]


Here's a fucking thing of me and my condensed reactions to Devolver's presentation just hours ago. Fucking watch it.


Thanks (as always) to Inquisitive for the art! I'm gonna be using this in a video (which will become a series) where I play snippets of random games from my backlog (or wherever else). Could be good, bad, shit, amazing... hence the title.


I actually wanted to include this (timestamp - 6:30) in my post about Markiplier where he raided one of my friends' streams with a bunch of charity donations. Includes Mark's real-time reactions to my bud's bewilderment. Will definitely bring you a smile!


I actually wanted to include this (timestamp - 6:30) in my post about Markiplier where he raided one of my friends' streams with a bunch of charity donations. Includes Mark's real-time reactions to my bud's bewilderment. Will definitely bring you a smile!


Anyone else getting copious amounts of spam from the Trump campaign? I feel like it's only been since he's started slipping in the polls. So he's probably having his team create bots to think up as many email addresses to send these to as they can.


So, because of me, my mom now likes Markiplier. Pretty soon, we'll be arguing over who's the best Persona waifu.


How does a tiny little weiner pup have the stamina to bark incessantly, minute by minute, whilst my neighbor is away? There is an hilarious innuendo hidden within what was just said, but I'm too damned distracted to find it!


Please respect and love yourself. It's for your fucking own good.


John Oliver calls Magikarp "objectively the worst Pokemon for obvious reasons" (he's also, apparently, excited for Horizon: Forbidden West). Anyone gonna refute that?


Back from my TLOU2 bunker and decided to put it down. I think I've just not been in the mood for long haul games like this lately. It's a dense experience, for better or for worse. So, I'm back to sex about with you all! Also, fuck racists. Also, cocks.


Just had a confrontation with someone who wouldn't turn down their bumpin' ass hip-hop in the parking lot of my apartment, eventually escalating to the guy exclaiming "N---a, you know who the fuck I am?". Drove off laughing his ass off with his gf....


Probably my last abrupt report from my TLOU2 bunker (almost done with it!). Chiming in for #WesLikesBunnyGirlsThursday! ... or was that Wednesday? Hmm. Whether I'm right or I'm belated, please enjoy.


Reporting from my TLOU2 bunker (I'll see you guys again soon enough with some impressions) to quickly show off my Dtoid shirt that just arrived. Time to go piss off some conservatives!


Not sure if this needs mentioning, but I'll be going radio silent from Destructoid until I'm done with TLOU2. Just now am getting around to starting it and I'm super paranoid of spoilers (vague or otherwise). Have a great weekend!


So. Where are my fellow lucky duckies playing TLOU Part DUSS tonight? (also totes sub to this guy he gets far too few views for the amazing work he does)


I hate this and you should too.


yabba. my ICEE.


Was in the ER earlier for some nasty tooth pain.


I’ve owned this dog since last September, so maybe I’m still too new to this... but, this little asshole is begging (BEGGING) to be let outside every 2-3 hours. Used to be maybe 6-8+. Past 2 weeks. What’s up with you? Stahp.


Definitely gonna try for that "So, You Think You Can Stream?" thing. I won't get points for my setup, but I can hopefully pull out a win with everything else. Since Overwatch is the only online thing I know well enough, here we go~!


Definitely in a discouraged mood. Need to try to use that energy and funnel it into something more positive and into other aspects of my life. Weight loss, my LP's and getting a new job finally. Unrelated: Me and Chadder bonding.


Hoorah! It's done! Three choice covers from Metallica's self-titled (or "The Black Album") with all proceeds going towards National Bail Out to help protesters get back on the streets <3 Feedback (and especially donations) is appreciated. [FINAL BUMP]


Big thanks to Inquisitive for getting the cover to my "BLACK" EP done under time constraints! It came out wonderfully! I hope to have it posted later today, as I'm just wrapping up. All proceeds will now be officially going to National Bail Out.


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