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So, I just heard through the grapevine that my best friend is officially off their crippling opioid addiction and on their way to recovery! I'm in a very good mood tonight. Here's a wholesome, unrelated image of Alphys.


While we're all posting Uematsu stuff, I wanted to get around to mentioning his more obscure OST's like the one for Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. Unlike most the work I hear from him, this is more just straight rock and roll.


Should've posted this yesterday for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday. Been really into UFO lately and Lights Out is probably up there with the best classic metal pieces out there.


Here's my longest video yet, a nearly-complete, 1 hour and 25 min longplay of Undertale fan game Dusttale! Coming up are my stream highlights... which is going to, mostly, be me raging harder than I even did during my RE5 playthrough. Enjoy, hopefully!


My fursona is MegaTen/Persona memes.


Today, I'm gonna be, hopefully, concluding my playthrough of Dusttale on my Twitch stream as I attempt to get through the final, Genocide route-esque boss fight! Come chat and keep me sane! https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica


With so many of these sorts of posts happenin' around here, I think we can officially designate a tag for them. How about... #Destructabelle? It's the best I've got! Sweet source in the comments.


Welp. My BO4 stream was lagging far too much, so here's some off-stream footage of me and a friend of mine doing up the game from last night! We mostly just talked about video games and Wallace & Gromit.


Currently doing some late-night Black Ops 4 beta streaming! Come join the chat and keep me company during what is 90% downtime, 2% shooting, 8% looting. Hmm. Still not sure if I like this game so far or not! https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica


Alright. So, the final bout in the Undertale fan game Dusttale... I'm sensing it's going to be much like a certain other bout in the original Genocide route. I'm currently streaming said bout. Come and share my pain! https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica




Well, I genuinely did want to try out LawBreakers before it went dark and maybe even stream it. However, every possible store page for the game is broken at this point. Well, anyway, RIP I suppose. You had cool promo material and flight mechanics baby.


Not afraid that I just bought this because it looks like a bloody good time, surprisingly!


Yaaaaaaaay! Markiplier is playing Donut County! A lot more people are going to be exposed to this awesome and hilarious (though slightly too expensive on PC) experience.


Been away for a couple days, but I'm back with a super sweet key for Overwatch! Just in case the two here who've been eyeballing it but haven't actually bought it yet are interested! Key in the comments.


I'm curious if I have time to learn LoL AND become serviceable enough at it to get into this new co-op/PVE mode before 10/8. That's how I prefer to play and I always assumed LoL just wasn't my bag because of the 5v5. This, at least, could be fun for me.


Just installed Dragon Quest XI! Now I'm gonna relax for just another short bit, then start making even further echoes of elusivity.


Was bored and since I've recently been actually keeping up with releases, I did up an 8-part collage of my top upcoming games! (list in the comments) Perhaps let us see your own!


Surprised to see that Donut County is currently at the top games streaming on Twitch. It's not a very long game (no more than an hour, give or take), but it is incredibly good and meme-worthy. Also, made that shit my new desktop background!


Will the Switch's successor be called the "Switcheroo"?


I was going to post this in Shoggoth's thread, but since literally nobody talks about Spongebob past the first 3 seasons and the first film, one of my favorite episodes is S4's "Karate Island". Which was Pat Morita's (Karate Kid) last role before passing.


Dead Cells has been seriously helping with my recent influx of depression. The randomized maps feel about as solid as fixed designs, speedrunning is a blast, the unique weapons/skills can work so brilliantly with eachother, etc. A great distraction it is!


Well, this is silly. YouTube's video pages give me this. Embedded videos work fine, but I can't watch anything else! I'm trying to watch Northernlion, daggit. How do I fix this? Will this just resolve itself? (BUMP)


Happy Birthday to our dear old Dere! We're all behind you (and ready for dickin'), 100 percent! Oh, and I made you a mud pie with torch candles! It's... the best I could scrounge up, frankly.


So, I'm officially on my break from my LP's and am gonna start knocking some shit off my backlog. Victor Vran, lots of Dead Cells, and I'm definitely gonna try and get back into Destiny 2! Also, ordered DQXI to get my JRPG fix. I'm gonna be-hee busy, ho!


It might be a long while before I see it, but I'm anxious to binge through what Adventure Time I haven't watched right through to the series end! Without spoiling anything, what did some of y'all think of it?


Gonna be streaming some Nocturne in just a couple minutes! There might be an awkward amount of demon fusion shown, but I will try to make as much progress through the Ikebukuro Tunnels as possible! https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica


Here's the stream I done did just a few short hours ago. Thanks to Limo for joining me in chat for a bit!


I'm going live with some morning Dead Cells streamin'! Come and hang out in the chat so that we, together, may finally reach this game's "end". Also, later, I might be doing some Nocturne streamin' as well! https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica


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