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Mum bought me a stuffed owl (one of my favorite animals) who just happens to be named Seymour!!!


To think that Cr1TiKaL's face was this huge mystery for about 8 years and now it's routinely there like it's no big deal.


Northernlion just hit 1,000 episodes of him playing Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+!


What did you name your stupid rival?


So, the doctor I saw today sounded exactly like JK Simmons. I half-expected him to send me out for cheap shots of the Spidered Man. Or rant about lemons.


They have a shirt with that one Undertale thing on it! :O


I've not yet played Deltarune, but I do know I require more fanart for sustitance. [Source: bearslime]


Gone for the past couple days, but not the for the usual reasons. I'm at 85-90% at this point, I'd say. But, embarrassingly, I put myself into a, well, I'm not sure? Let's call it a "cardiac situation" and was in the ER for about 7 hours. Deets within.


I did up a new original track, intended to be an alternative dungeon tune for Adachi from Persona 4!


So, I decided to start a fun little music project. I decided I'm going to cover literally whatever song I hear throughout one day in hopes that, in getting out of my comfort zone, I'll improve as a musician. Details in the comments!


I was faced with a reality, today, without medication for my back pain. And I faced it with little issue. I'm proud of myself and I will use this opportunity to finally lose weight, obliterate my game/film/music backlog, and get better mentally. ALSO:


Look at the cool shit I now own!!!


In about an hour, I'll be starting my ExtraLife stream! I'll be going for as long as I possibly can, in fact! Hopefully, some will show up. Will be participating in chat! https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica


Starting up D3 on Switch and seeing all the patch notes since I last played is literally giving me a very large loot/exploration boner. Loot Goblin variants? Several new locations that see to fix the most limited area of the campaign?! *DEEP BREATH* Neat.


A bisexual, transgender, indigenous, Latino, Jewish, disabled immigrant from Paraguay standing up to Jess Sessions (partially responsible for many of the current slew of transphobic legislations), holding up an altered trans flag. Powerful stuff <3


Spotify is, apparently, running ads telling Massachusetts voters to vote "No on 3", in reference to legislation helping keep my trans friends safe from public discrimination. More info in the comments. Make this smol Goodra happy and read on!


So, I've begun my laughably limited 7-day free trial of Switch Online. Which means a week of blasting through Splatoon 2, Dark Souls: Remastered, and Mario Kart 8. Which isn't necessarily bad! Just wish it were a month trial like everyone else does. Sigh.


With the recent re-hype surrounding Diablo III, I decided to purchase a "physical" copy of the game on PC. A game this awesome, I make sure to "own" on whatever platform I have! Also, see: Oxenfree, RE4, etc.


I am unreasonably excited to start up Diablo III on my Switch tomorrow!


Haven't been around much! Been dealing with some mental health fallout, but I'll be okay! Getting back in with a pain management, so I can hopefully start painlessly losing the weight I've gained since my herniation. Happy Halloween, Dickstructoid!


It's a bit blurry and it's not the most flattering camera angle (boy, I've gained a lot of weight), but here's me and Charles Martinet (Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Wario, that... one dragon in Skyrim, etc.)!!!


1.) Sorry for any possible 'tude today from me. It's been rough. 2.) My mom's controlling my meds. So, I'm gonna be fine. 3.) LOOK AT ME IN MY NEW HAIR AND LIPSTICK FOR THE FIRST TIME I'm gonna scare up some normies at Comic-Con tomorrow.


(NVGR) I have a bit of a serious confession to make. Shit stuff in the comments.


Microtransactions and lootboxes are a drop in the bucket compared to an all-digital future. Buy physical. You can overnight ship games from Amazon if impatience is the issue. Own your media. Stop the all-digital future! Or stop DRM. One or the other.


Big day planned for Saturday! I'm going to go out to Alamo City Comic Con in my orange hair (getting it done later today after sleep), going out in makeup for the first time, and will meet lots of famous peeps. Comic Con schedule in the comments!


As someone who grew up as a kid and teenager watching Liar Liar, this was a real fucking treat to watch <3


One of the downfalls of modern country (besides it being just generally terrible) is that we clearly peaked with Shania Twain's 90's classic.


I finally got Final Fantasy XIV working again! Now I can try to get into it and have even less of a life!




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