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Art Direction Left for Dead in Left 4 Dead 2?

Just checked up on my Destructoid blog from about two years back, although slightly perplexed by my ďwonderfulĒ writing skills, (perhaps Iíll judge this article in a few years) I found it a bit funny my last article was about Left 4 Dead. R...


Left 4 Dead: The only game to do IT right.

If by ďitĒ I meant co-op, there would be no point in your reading this as you would already know, and if you didnít know that, there would again be no point in you reading this, as you would be in the car on your way to pick up a copy. How...


Iím Sick of Saving the World

So instead of making a list of my problems with modern games, or more specially shooters, Iíll just go on about one of my major gripes, the story. Iím not going to say the story is the most important part of a game, but a good one never hur...


Kayne & Lynch: Dead Men Review

Yes, Iím a bit late to this, I got this game nearly when it came out, but Iím giving it a second look. I was looking forward to this before it came out, (I loved both Hitman and Freedom Fighters) that is, until it got insulted by all the r...


Call of Duty: World at War Review

I've been a huge fan of the Call Of Duty games since I played that COD2 demo on the 360 way back when. Sorry, I should restate, I've been a huge fan of the COD games made by Infinity Ward. COD 2, despite the fact that the Germans where havi...


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