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Papers, Please: Maybe Enough, Papers

I was meticulous with my videogames as a child. I took great pride in maintaining their immaculate condition. Pristine cartridge boxes, arranged with purpose, lined my shelf. I liked that the chaos within them could have such order. H...


Left In Limbo: Why We Don't Finish Games

I left this little guy to find his momma. I'd like to think he made it All things come to an end. It’s something we all face. This happens even with things we hold dear. Youth, underwear, and french fries all reach their conclusi...


About SevenIrreverentone of us since 6:54 AM on 03.10.2015

I've grown quite fond of this corner of the internet - I might just settle in and knock out a few bits of writing.

Constantly consuming a balanced diet of all things gaming, a thought occurred. "Hey, maybe I can try and arrange some words, that upon their reading form an idea or a perspective."

I aim to do this to such staggering effect, that someone reading them may think, "That wasn't complete shit." I dream big, you see.

Is that someone you? No? Let me know in the comments, I sure do love a hearty discussion.

Ok, GO.