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GAME...the broken level!

Ok, well since I made fun of games last slogan (http://screwattack.com/node/2199) I thought I'd do the same again because this company's incompetence is just ridiculous (at least at the game where I live). What have they done this time? Well, last week I saw a copy of Persona 3 which if you look at the back of the case reads "The Best RPG of 2007". So I tell my Mum to go in their today and get it after emailing Colette about where I should start in the series. The game is also becoming rare so I didn't want to miss my chance of buying it. So my Mum goes into GAME and asks them if they have Persona 3 to which they replied they had never heard of it. They ask the rest of the staff in the shop and not one of them had heard of it. They then apparently went to look for it in their PS2 game draw but never found it. So then I get home from college t think to myself how ridiculous they are. People working in a game shop that have not heard of "The Best RPG of 2007". So I then go down their myself and very unsurprisingly pick up the game from the PS2 section and make sure that it was the game I was looking for. Sure enough it was and so I immediately take it to the front counter. I then asked the person serving me "Why could you not sell this game to my Mum this morning?" - to which he seemed confused. "Apparently she came in and no one had heard of the game". He then said "I don't know, it's Japanese and we don't keep up with the latest releases." Well I guess that explains why they're so crap in their then. A game shop that doesn't keep up with releases, ridiculous. Not to mention this game isn't even a recent release and the fact that the back of the box says it was the best RPG of 2007. Really, why are GAME so incompetent; I just can't believe it sometimes. Ah well, at least I have it now but I don't think this is the last of that shops incompetence.
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