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I love Jade Empire IN SPACE!

Ah Mass Effect, i do love this game. But Jade empire is better for one feature.

No not punching Zombies heads off.

Forgive me for never playing KOTOR, i tend to avoid star wars themed games. But Jade Empire, that was my bread and butter. You know all those reviews who say "There was this this and this wrong with it, but if you like X genre you will love it". I am that guy.

I am a completionist, not in the mass effect achievement way but in the real way. I completed (On most accurate count) Jade Empire 27 times. The reason was all those alternate endings.


Jade Empire had 3 main endings:



And stupid...

Stupid always ended the same way so this is the last we talk of it. Here is where it gets good. Each if your followers had their own ending, just a little bit in text but i loved it. And it is the one thing Mass Effect really misses out on. Depending on your interactions with your party their personality can change between good an evil. And that alters how they react to your final choices as either enemies, allies, slaves or dead people. So that is two to three custom endings for each character.

Then there were the relationships, which were a million times better than Mass Effect because there was no pandering heavily advertised sex scene, just a kiss and fade to black. These were

If you are a man:
Dawn Star
Silk Fox

If you are a woman:

There was also

If you are a woman:
Silk Fox (Yes Jade Empire had lesbian sex all that time ago!)

If you are a man:
Silk Fox and Dawn Star (Hawt threesome action)
Sky - Yes Jade empire had buttsex action as well. Mass Effect had no male Commander Shepard Sir on Kaiden action did it.

This is the main reason i find the stuff about OMG lesbian sex in Mass Effect - internet explodes - really really stupid. Jade empire had threesomes, lesbians and hawt man on man back in 2005.

But that is beside the point, that is another 7 endings there (Trust me, interactions ect)

And then there is alignment, depending on if they are good or evil, or you are and if you are in a relationship with them there are now up to 4 endings for some characters.

Good and in a relationship
Evil and in a relationship
Good and in a threesome
One Evil and one good in a threesome when you are evil
One evil, one good you are good
Both evil and you good (Hardest one ever to do, you have to talk like a bad ass but pet kittens when they aren't looking)
Both good and you good.

And you get the idea by now.

Then at least two of your allies have secret pasts, if you unlock these it changes all their endings. So there we have another bunch of them.

27 times i completed this game, and i think i got everything. But the thing is i discovered something new on the 24th time. You were always discovering things you missed in this game. Much like Mass Effect where there are entire missions that i didn't find until my third play through.

Anyway, the endings are one of the reasons that i loved Jade Empire, and the one thing Mass Effect sorely needed. a quick bit at the end about each partner you know:

Good: Served on as a marine, eventually got his own ship. Retired with wife/you depending on ending.
Evil: Helped lead the new specters that quickly stomped humanities superiority over the traverse.

Modify if you dated him

Good:Went back to his people with his family armor and helped to foster peace among a small band of the Krogan.
Good 2: Unable to return his family's armor he continued his life as a mercenary.
Evil: Proving the worth of the Krogan to the new human empire, wrex's actions led to the Krogan being used by humanity as a race of soldiers.

Good: Returned to the Migrant fleet with the data on the Geth, eventually gets the Quarian embassy restored to the citadel and stands as ambassador.
Evil: Returned from to the Migrant fleet with news of what happened to the council and the coming of the reapers. The migrant fleet has not been seen since.

And you get the idea, people like me would have done everything to see every permutation.

But that doesn't change the awesomeness of Mass Effect, still a good game. I even liked the Mako segments if you can believe it.

It just could have been so much better with this single awesome feature.

But it is a fairly new game, and i am late to the party. Someone else has probably talked about Mass Effect recently, this post was about Jade Empire...

To make things more interesting for those who read this insanely long post, put your own predictions for good/evil/relationship endings for some Mass Effect character in the reply section.

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