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'How To Fail' by Sony Australia

Step 1: Create a new marketing campaign in Australia, for the PS3 game "BUZZ! Brain of OZ". Step 2: Tailor the campaign around intelligence, concentration, and general knowledge. This is important as it's all about a quiz game. Step 3: Cr...


One Must Keep One's Promises

Indeed, one must keep one's promises. And as such, before departing Classic WoW for the Outlands it was time to keep two very special appointments, making good on two promises from an earlier time. They say pictures speak louder than words,...


I R Made Of Meat

Yes, I am. And therefore, should you <Brian Blessed voice> "Smite me down with a heavy blunt object that resembles The Thinker and speaketh the time of day" </Brian Blessed voice>.. ..you should expect to be able to reap my rem...


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..began life as Musery over at Blogspot.com, before it turned all Blogger on us. Having recently become enamored with Dtoid after slowly discovering they're as opinionated and brilliant as moi (nearly), I knew I had found my new home on Teh Intanets.

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