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You leave Jim Sterling alone, He's covered wars you know.....I mean who the **** is Jim Sterling?

In reference to "Blu-ray is a rotten format - literally!" Newsblog
It's the internets. You have to expect this. Seriously, It's called journalism kids, weather you like it or not, he's going to talk about it. I mean Dtoid brings up busted ass 360's do they not? But do the fanboys get up in arms about it? No. And if they do, it's a small enough minority that is not noticeable.

Unlike the earlier community blog by Kif, I believe intense fanyboyism is a pox on the gaming society. Go ahead, love your system, but understand your choice and your system alone isn't the right one. It's as ignorant as major religions, everything has it's faults but the fact that you deal with them is the saving grace of the system not giving a blind eye to the problems.

Back before the mass surge in home computers and use of the internet, we never heard anything negative about our pretty little systems, never ever would we think that our money was ill invested. Nowadays we hear daily about Wiimote accidents, faulty sensor bars, over heating 360's and rings of death. Wait what's this? These news sites dare report anything negative about my paycheck destroying paperweight?! BLASPHEMY!

One final word before I end this wholly unnecessary blog post. Internets, it's serious business, STFU and don't attack the silly man who reports the bad news that makes you cringe.

P.S. If I offended anyone, go fuck yourself and troll a message board somewhere.
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