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How do I start.

This will be my first and most likely only Blog ever.
I have heard about the great community that is Dtoid, and all the great things that come with it, Im not here to benifit or destroy ( i doubt that is possible) everything I have heard dtoid to be, Im here to talk about games, Gaming and gaming apparatus that make me happy, you can read this or just return the favor and spawn some memories, dont really care, but ill read your responses.


My first gaming experience was Pong ( Epic Eh?) i played it over at my grandma's house when i was very young, at the time I could'nt get over how badly i got beaten ( WTFPWN'dBBQ ) by my older cousins, and then the damn tank game that made me even more angry. At the end of the day all I wanted to do was destroy my cousins on the TV.
Soon enough i got my First Console, the Nintendo, and Mario 3. I dont think I need to explain how increadably awsome that piece of plastic was.
then came The Super Nintendo. This piece of equipment sits in my room until today ( full of envy?), still being used for the occasional Chrono trigger lark, or Earthbound splurge. Regardless, this was the console that changed my outlook on gaming forever. cant count the nights thatI spent grinding to 30 in Onett ( ghost).
Moved onto the playstation, and experienced for the first time the Final Fantasy series, first with Seven, then eight. I still like 8 more than Seven, just for the plain fact that i watched more of seven than I played.
And then, and still to this day, The PC. The first game i played was Warcraft 2, Loved it, But the game that hooked me was starcraft. I cant count the number of times i have heard the phrase " SPAWN MORE OVERLORDS ". Cant help but be a blizzard Fanboi, they make great games. Diablo, D2, Warcraft 3, Even WoW. Payed them all and enjoyed them tons, Cant even think of any games in my life that i have enjoyed as much as these titles.

As of recent, I really liked Fallout 3, Metal Gear 4, and Warhammer Online.

Beond all that

(sorry for the wall of text)

Hey everyone.

By the way.... Ghost, Im stealing your damn Monitor...
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