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Is DmC Destined to Fail?


And it should also be worth noting that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game that is definitely going to take up housing in the same neighborhood as DmC, is scheduled to be released about a month after DmC. While it’s totally possible to just purchase both games the gamer-on-a-budget might be forced to choose between the two, especially with some of those other previously mentioned noteworthy titles sandwiched in there. Considering that Revengeance carries a franchise name that most would consider to be much larger than Devil May Cry, has received pretty high praise during events where it’s been playable, and it has the Platinum Games name attached it’s hard to say that there isn’t a chance Revengeance won’t steal some sales from DmC as well.

Everything I’m talking about is purely speculative, and honestly I’m not one who enjoys saying something is dead on arrival. Obviously we don’t know what Capcom’s true goals for this game are, because despite everything they’ve said publicly they could just be blowing smoke up our collective asses (it is Capcom, after all). But when I try to objectively look at the game, the trends for its genre, when the game is being released, and the circus surrounding the reception of the game, I have a hard time seeing how it won’t be some kind of disappointing in the eyes of the talking suits at Capcom. And if my fully speculative analysis of all of this comes true I really wonder what might happen to the Devil May Cry franchise. Worse than that, if DmC doesn’t light up sales charts I wonder what will happen to Ninja Theory. Heavenly Sword sold “okay” for them and Enslaved was pretty much a flop, if they stumble (again) sales wise, this time with a much more established name brand, I don’t know if they can survive it.

Like I’ve said, clearly this is all speculative and when the game actually gets released things could go numerous different directions. I’m simply curious if Capcom is setting themselves up for nothing but a disappointment.
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