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10 things you didn't know about SephirothX


Hey I missed out on this trend last time it was popular too so I wanted in on some of the fun, I don't get many chances to totally kick back on my blog. Honestly, I had a little bit of a hard time thinking of things to throw in here because anybody who's talked to me a lot already knows lots about me.

1) I met my girlfriend at an anime convention

I really could have put “I go to anime conventions” as a thing here, but that's too boring. Why not talk about something more awesome like how I met my awesome girlfriend at one? We struck up a friendship at a local convention and things just grew from there. I like to think it was my awesome personality that won me over with, however I was also cosplaying as Dante from Devil May Cry 3 at the time.. so that probably helped a little since she has a big thing for DMC. However, I knew I was on to something potentially amazing when she showed up at the Godzilla panel I was hosting at that convention (and actually stayed through the whole thing!).

2) I've watched every Godzilla movie to date

Godzilla movies are fucking awesome, this is a law of the universe and is something I've already discussed. But just to clarify I have literally watched every Godzilla film that has ever been made, starting with 1954's Gojira to 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars. I've even suffered through the lackluster 1998 American Godzilla film where they actually kill Godzilla with standard military... and any true King of the Monsters fan knows that is wrong in every way. Also, I specified movies because I haven't watched any of the Zone Fighter shows that have Godzilla show up in them. I have yet to watch any of the standalone Mothra movies either, because fuck Mothra.

3) I have a kitten named after Nyan Cat

He's named Poptart. And he's totally adorable. He's also trying to jump on my keyboard as I'm typing this right now. This will also now get totally topsauced because nobody can resist an adorable kitten.

4) I think the 80s was the greatest decade in film history

This picture is one of the walls of my apartment, there are more like it. The goal is to turn the living room into an awesome movie poster realm. But seriously... just think about all of the awesome popcorn movies that came between 1980 and 1989. Airplane! Die Hard, RoboCop, Commando, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Wrath of Khan, Empire Strikes Back, Back to the Future and so on. I really could go on for a long time, because there were seriously that many good movies pumped out in the 80s. I would have no problem if Hollywood was somehow caught in some odd Star Trek-esk time paradox that had them constantly pumping out 80s movies.

5) I'd write for Destructoid if they asked (maybe)

Because writing for the site would be totally awesome. I like Destructoid and any attempt I had to further contribute to it would be amazing. The only reason I say maybe is because I already have a full time job, having a second job would be a little too much for me considering how much I enjoy having free time. My contributions would be, at most, something like the occasional review or opinion piece. But hey Niero or Jim, if either of you read this please let me have the DmC review!

6) I tend to not run out of desktop space on my computer

Because fuck needing to minimize shit. Also, click the image above for the full sized one.

7) I sold my Dreamcast and never regretted it

Because I had a Playstation 2, and it was better.

8) People think I'm confrontational when I really just enjoy a good healthy debate

Anybody who either follows my blog or talks with me over on the Outer Heaven chat knows I express my opinion, perhaps too much sometimes. I also like debating opinions with people a lot as well. The problem with this is that it gives people a bit of a bad opinion about me, and I honestly understand why. People occasionally think I'm a bit of a jerk who only listens to his own voice. Like I said, I can understand why however it's far from the truth. I really enjoy debating, I just think its fun and I like to see how other people present their opinions (whether it's done really well or really poorly as well). Honestly a large amount of stuff I debate people about are usually things I honestly don't give a shit about (a recent example being Mass Effect 3's ending). I just like to debate for the fun of debating, unfortunately in our over-sensitive modern times people tend to think that simply taking a different stance than your own is “confrontational” or some sort of personal attack on others (Outer Heaven chat recently just went through an ordeal like this).

9) I'm a big WWF/WWE fan

Yeah, wrestling is fake so don't bother asking me if I know it's not real. It makes you look stupid, the kind of stupid that would accompany you if you asked someone watching Iron Man 2 if “you know Tony Stark is fake right?”. I've been a pro-wrestling fan for a couple of decades, and continue being one. Hell, I just started writing this blog after turning off Raw (by the way, in case you missed it Brock Lesnar came back and totally laid out John Cena). I'm also a huge comic book fan so I'm naturally accustomed to liking things that are silly or over the top, given how wrestling in many ways parallels the silly antics of most comics it's just a natural pairing for me.

10) I think Knob Creek is a delicious whiskey that you should all try.

It also gets you really fucking drunk pretty fucking fast. Drinking this stuff led to me watching Superman 3 with my friends and not realizing Richard Pryor was in the movie until 50 minutes in (spoiler: he's the first person you see in the movie). Oh, and if you manage to find a 1.5 liter bottle of this stuff make sure you drink it with friends otherwise you'll have to stare at this unholy challenger to your liver's well being for months.
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