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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Overview Guide


Dungeons are a huge part of World of Warcraft. Learn how to handle your dungeon experience in Battle for Azeroth like a pro.
Dungeons are a huge part of World of Warcraft's endgame, and that's only been amplified with the introduction of Mythic+. But many players don't know where to begin when it comes dungeons. With three different difficulties, scaling gear rewards, and various curve balls that can pop up, dungeons can be intimidating to break into.

They don't need to be hard, though. Dungeons can be some of the most accessible content in WoW, and they can be among the most rewarding. You can run mythic+ dungeons more frequently than raids with fewer people, and you're guaranteed top quality gear at the end of each week.

It might be tempting to run off and queue for normal difficulty dungeons, but that's a good way to stand out as a noob, especially if you don't have a lot of prior experience. Even if you do, things change with each expansion release, so it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself and prepare.

Let's look at some expert tips on getting the most out of dungeons, including:

- Gathering your supplies
- Researching bosses
- Best starting gear
- How to find groups
- Working up difficulties

Gather Your Supplies
You always want to give yourself the best chance possible. Whenever you're running dungeons or any endgame content, You should buff up your character with the consumable items that benefits their main stats most.

Always bring flasks, potions, and food with you when you can. If you don't have a ton of gold when you're starting out, just buy what you can afford. Food is usually inexpensive, and you can still pick up the Legion flasks at a discounted price.

Flasks are dependent on your class's primary stat. Buy the ones that boost it. Here's a quick rundown:

Strength: Flask of the Undertow

Agility: Flask of the Currents

Stamina: Flask of the Vast Horizon

Intellect: Flask of the Endless Fathoms

Food has class specific advantages too. You can take a look at the complete list or BfA cooking items to find something for your individual needs, or if you're feeling generous, you can put down a feast for your whole group.

Augment runes and vantus runes are also good to have, but you might not need them below Mythic difficulty. The augment runes act a lot like the flasks, but are more temporary. They boost your stats for a time. You can use both at once. The vantus runes give you an advantage over specific bosses.

Research The Bosses
Speaking of bosses, you should learn dungeon boss mechanics. Sure, at normal difficulty, the boss mechanics don't matter that much, but as you progress, they will, and it's always a good idea not to be the person standing in fire.

It's take way too long to go through all the bosses here. Plus, there are already some excellent video guides out there on YouTube

Starting Gear
Before you venture into dungeons, make sure you have decent gear. For normal dungeons, that means you should try to get as close to item Level 300 as possible. If you're not all the way there, and you've exhausted your world quest rewards, don't worry too much. Normal is pretty forgiving. My friend from custom writing service once said remember to socket and enchant your gear, too. If you have any pieces of gear with sockets, buy gems that boost your primary stats and plug them in. Enchants are a little trickier. They can go for a lot of gold, and you don't want to waste them on junk gear. Consider adding enchants when you get higher item level gear. Start at 325, if you can. Otherwise, 340 is a good starting point, too.

Finding Groups
You can use the regular queue system to find groups for normal and heroic dungeons. It works alright, and you shouldn't have any problem getting through them. There is a major drawback, though. If you're playing a DPS class, you'll be spending a lot of time waiting around.

Guilds are the best way to run a lot of dungeons fast. Group up with four other guild members and chain queue for as many as you can. You'll get instant access every time, as long as you have a full group. This way works for both normal and heroic dungeons. It sort of works with mythic, too, but you need to physically go to the dungeon entrance to get in.

If you can't get a guild group together, you can always use the group finder. This method is always hit-and-miss. You can find excellent groups that run multiple dungeons in a row, and everything goes smoothly. It's also totally possible to get rejected by every group imaginable because they all want raid quality gear to run heroic dungeons. It's ridiculous, but that's been the state of the community for a while.

Working Up The Difficulties

It's never a good idea to stagnate in WoW. Dungeons are no exception. As soon as you can move up to the next difficulty, you should.

As soon as you reach item Level 305, move on to heroic dungeons. You can approach everything else the same as you were, but you'll have access to better rewards. Normal dungeons reward 310 item level gear. Heroics step it up to 325.

You can technically run mythic dungeons at any item level, but your groups really aren't going to like you if you're too far under-geared. You should be able to step up comfortably around item Level 320. Mythic dungeons award 340 item level gear, and that's not any of the mythic+ levels -- those scale much higher. For reference, the normal raid difficulty awards 355, and heroic raids grant 370. Both are achievable through mythic+. That's not too bad.

Mythic dungeons require that you put together your own groups and go to the dungeon entrance in the world. They also carry weekly lockouts per dungeon like raids. Battle for Azeroth offers plenty of dungeons, so you shouldn't run out.

There are two mythic only dungeons, King's Rest and Siege of Boralus. You can unlock your faction's dungeon by completing your main leveling quest chain. You'll gain access to the opposite faction's one by completing your war campaign.

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