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Team FortRonathon: Week 2 Results

Late post, what with Labor Day and PAX and all that, but rest assured, I did play an awful lot of TF2 last week, and made some pretty hefty bank.

Monday, August 30

Points Accrued: 58
$$$ Raised: $5.80
$$$ Raised to Date: $25.20

Tuesday, August 31

Points Accrued: 181
$$$ Raised: $18.10
$$$ Raised to Date: $43.30

Wednesday, September 1

Points Accrued: 57
$$$ Raised: $5.70
$$$ Raised to Date: $49.00

I'd say that's a good haul for only two weeks' worth of playing. I estimated I'd only make around $40 by now, and I'm glad to see I was wrong.

Looks like this week will be quite a big haul as well, considering I played for a little bit tonight and absolutely dominated as a Heavy.

As usual, I'll likely be playing tomorrow night, around 6:30PM PDT. My Steam ID is Senor Douchebrah if anyone wants to join me.
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