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Headline: Gaming Mayor?

So I'm browsing the real news in the world (there is news beyond game news?), and apparently this guy makes headlines. Apparently, he's a 19 year old college freshman who just beat out the current three termed, 70 year old dude for mayo...


Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!

For those of you disappointed with the ending of HALOween and the ranked zombie matches on live, do not writhe in your pain, for today marks another holiday, the Day of the Dead! Although this will not mark any addition to your live play ...


My E 4 All Moment

So, thanks to an acceptance letter to a certain school in LA, a super cool sister, a super cool game artist person, and other super cool people and objects, and not thanks to work that is due this week at said school, I was able to go to E ...


Anyone Remember that Mark of Kri Commercial?

Cause I Do. It takes place in a women's defense class, where the ladies in the class are kicking the shit out of a guy in a padded suit until they floor him. The camera pans out as the man stands back up, and at that moment, he stands with ...


Have You Heard of the Infinity String?

Too true Mr. hard hat wielding adventure game man. And the void of point and click adventure games as of late has left me, an old school adventure gamer, resorting to desperate measures. In other words, I try to keep my eyes out for new t...


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