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Beginner's Guide: Spider-Man


Not only does Spider-Man have a cool story, it is also convincing in the mechanical realms like the dynamic locomotion through New York City, as well as the multi-faceted fights and puzzles. We give you hints in the guide, where you can put an end to the activities of the Sinister Six.


Spider-Man offers four levels of difficulty, which primarily affect your opponents' resilience and damage. We recommend the second one called "Amazing", which provides a balanced balance of power, especially in the exciting boss fights.

Electronic Puzzle:

The electronic puzzles, which one must solve as Peter and in a few exceptional cases as Spider-Man, can initially confuse. But first and foremost, it's all about guiding electricity in the right direction.

To make things easier, we recommend that you first use all white components to set the basic flow direction. Use the set pieces with the given directions first so that you do not have to rebuild later unnecessarily.

Even with the advanced variants, you should first make sure the principal flow before you use the green and red distributors, which must reach the specified voltage.

Getting Around:

At the beginning Spider-Man has only two "swing options" available: With R2 you throw out your spider liana, where you can swing as long as there is an anchor point in the area. In addition, you can use the X button to trigger a "net boost". With L2 + R2 you can make point jumps, whereby the targeted target (eg a chimney or a wall projection) are marked by a double circle.

With the upgrade line network swingers, other variants are added, with the help of which you can ultimately bridge even large distances. You can do up to two extra shots to pick up speed or use point jumps with the right timing as a jump platform. If you have a suitable altitude, you can go into the "dive" with a short click on L3 and take the speed you gained into the swing.

There are three things to keep in mind when racing on walls. In the vertical run, throw a double rope in the direction of travel with X and then pull up on it, in order to bridge distances faster. When the roof is reached, the X-key performs a catapult movement, which spouts Spidey through the air - perfect for continuing its journey with boosts or normal turns. If you walk horizontally and reach the end of the building, you can sprint around the corner with the circle button with a short throw of the rope and either continue the run or continue with turns.

Quick trip:

In order to save long distances, you can also use the fast trip. At all important locations (eg FEAST, police stations), but also at all visited science stations of Harry Osborn is symbolized by a small double arrow, that you can use the high-speed trip that makes Spider-Man by subway. Look forward to one or the other funny one-player. I always have a dream to become a superhero such as Spider-man or Ironman. They are awesome, are not they? Now I am twenty-five and I am hero for students. I am the person, the person in shadow, who can write a thesis in short time and save their grades. (I always wanted to write this. Read it clearly, and you will understand how cool it sounds).

Experience tip:

From a certain upgrade you can actively do tricks on the swing or the following flight. To do this, press the triangle and circle buttons together with a movement of the left stick. The resulting gain in experience is low. But if you have to travel long distances without a fast trip, you can achieve quite a considerable increase in experience along the way.

A new perspective:

If you crawl on the ceiling, you can abseil yourself with the L2 button held down and the movement of the left stick, to be able to look around undetected and without danger.

Get information:

By pressing R3 in the free world you can always display interesting places (eg activities, mission providers), but also the next crime. In stealth missions, you also get to see if the respective opponents are in the field of view of a comrade, so that a shutdown of any form would be seen. If you are "safe" when sighting over your head, you can safely switch them off.


Even without upgrades, Spider-Man can use numerous elements to get rid of his opponents. In addition to the standard combos (multistage pressure on the square button), you can throw his enemies, for example, by a long press on the button located in the air and edit it there with punches and kicks.

Network attack:

If you use it before, then or in the middle of the triangle button, which stands for net use, you can indeed after the length of the pressure and expansion of the respective skills tree not only pull to him. You can also draw it to yourself and later even throw it as an "object" on the other enemies.

Speaking of objects: With L1 + R1, objects in the area can be used as slingshots and projectiles. Later, this feature can also be improved.

Friendly Fire:

The enemies take care of themselves when they are in close combat and the spider's sense indicates that they are being targeted by another opponent. If one deviates now, the melee opponent is attacked by his buddy.

To each his own:

Learn the peculiarities of the individual attack patterns. For example, shield wearers can be easily weakened and eliminated with the combo square, circle, and a subsequent attack.

If you steer with dodging with a circle eg towards the wall, the attack key now ensures that you make a jump attack on the next opponent.

Network capabilities / Gadgets:

At the beginning Spider-Man is only available for the net throw on R1, which only allows a few shots before being recharged. But over time, not only will the number of possible projectiles increase, but there will also be added gadgets that will make your job a lot easier. There are mines that cocoon the enemies when triggered, anti-gravity fields, a drone that automatically assumes the enemy under fire, a Elektonetz and more.

In the heat of battle, you can quickly forget to activate these gadgets. Therefore: Use all means at your disposal. By the way: A long press on the L1 key calls up the selection wheel, with a short tipper it toggles between the last two selected ones.

Upgrades of gadgets:

All gadgets can be upgraded in terms of effectiveness or frequency of use. You get the necessary brands for completing side missions and activities.

Tips for the first boss fight

As the highlight of the tutorial, you have to compete against Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin.

Since you can use at this time only basic skills and he a bunch of henchmen also normally in the luggage, one should note the following:

Always on the move, in case of doubt about the regular pressure of the circle button to dodge, since you thus reducing the risk to be hit by an emerging enemy.

In order to attack Fisk, he must be unable to move. This can be achieved by throwing an object from the environment onto it with L1 + R1. Alternatively, by weaving it with the net throw on R1. But before you let go of all his anger at him, you should be sure that there are no other enemies in the area that could disturb you. Therefore, one should always be prepared for an evasive action - or turn off the opponents before devoting himself to Kingpin. The finisher (circle + triangle) is also a potent way to keep Fisk in check.

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