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Inter-console-lounge tournaments.

So i've been in top-secret discussions with some other lounges about some inter-lounge tournaments. We're hoping to use this to boost console lounges in general as an industry, but also to establish a bigger reputation for serious gaming in...


What makes a sequel suck?

It's an endless debate.. I don't expect to find any answers.. but it's been confusing me more lately than ever with all these sequels coming out. Why is Call of Duty 2 more fun than Call of Duty 3? The graphics are 11ty billion times better...


Hi, and PGR4 blows goats.

I'm not sure what validity I have to consider myself worthy of writing a blog. Never really been into writing blogs. But, considering I spend 12-14hrs a day, 7 days a week, sitting in front of Xbox 360 consoles and playing the games as they...


About Senone of us since 6:43 PM on 10.17.2007

I'm just another twenty-something who grew up with gaming as an integral part of my life. I've owned just about every console since the ColecoVision, and gaming replaced TV for me as my standard entertainment close to a decade ago. I'm not a "hardcore gamer" in the sense that all I want to do is "pwn noobs" but i'm definitely a gamer at heart, and love all things gaming.

I own and operate Players Lounge, Australia's first dedicated Xbox 360 console lounge. We're not a Net Cafe or Gaming Cafe, we have custom made leather couches, 26" HD LCDs, and a clean modern shop. We do corporate events, team bonding, birthday parties, and tournaments/comps as well as dedicated game-nights and other events.