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About Select P2one of us since 12:19 AM on 12.27.2012

What can be said to random strangers on the internet about me well..... just like everyone here I play video games its a big part of my life womb to the tomb type deal. From playing the blue bomber to the treasure hunter drake, I to try play all the games I can from past, present and the future when all games are fed directly to our brains with Nano machines injections if you played metal gear solid you know what the future holds for us. Im I obsess with video games .....duh of course do I like anything else yes quick answer firefly, serenity, Dr. Pepper, food, and graffiti so pretty much standard stuff. The things ill write about will range a great many of things game related even to so so personal stuff don't worry nothing sad. ill even try to post pictures and vids so you wont get to bored with me. So that's all I can think of so remember always be kind to Player 2