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Super 3 Brothers Mario

This PS3 exclusive takes place in a post apocalyptic world ruined by dinosaurs and books. Along your journey you are trying to kill as many zombies as you can, horde as much gold as you can like a jew, and figure out just why you have bee...


Ready for the triple-double?

Well, friends and I decided to dick around today. Eventually..we ended up playing scrabble. Greatest word game ever to come into existence. Be it you and your friends start an argument over abbreviations and words derived from Latin, it's...


Time for a proper introduction.

Well, I joined earlier this morning and I just dove right into some bullshit about Christmas, so let's get this started. Bonne apres-midi, C-blog. No, I am not French nor do I know any French besides basic things. I recently turned 17, a...


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Character Name: Nicholas
Level: ???
Experience: 9999/9999
Race: Human
Class: Student
Details of specimen: Bleached Blond hair (Natural is dirty blond/blond). Wears Glasses of +10 INT. Eyes appear to be blue. Approximately 124 lbs. Ethnicity is German.


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Super 3 Brothers Mario