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Dumb Cheater on a Xbox Live Leader Board

I Think some of the Cheaters on Xbox live are real Dumbasses as you can tell by my SN Every Achievement Unlocked (12 of 12-200/200) and also on the Points Leader board with 9,999,990 points was ranked at "#33" for the Newest Re-release of ...


The Missing Ninja Turtle....

I found a somewhat new User on YT that seem to be a Indie comedy Group that Kinda reminds me of the Good MadTV jokes I hope this was Funny even though its just another Raping of our Childhoods


Super Smash Bros Wall?

1st off Whoa Im Back? well Kinda Ive been on Hiatus due to other Internet Sites needing my attention (Iron Man Movie Group on Myspace has been under Spammer Attack via Danielspengies) But Now for the Actual Post A buddy of mine that I kno...


I Too Have a Confession (Yes I Am a Dude)

A After reading Reaprar's blog earlier.. http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Reaprar/hey-guys-i-uh-i-need-to-confess-something-yes-i-m-a-girl--77293.phtml I decided us Guy gamers need to stand up for ourselves. For Very long I've been been...


Im Lame!!!

Me and My Bros have Yet to make a Seqel to High Score as of yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw6fawtNvNE I Almost Forgot the 1st time I was drawn to this Site was when Mr. Destructoid on YT contacted me to let me know the movie was goin...


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