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Video Game Music Compilation 54 - The Leisure Suit Larry 6 Special!


Ah, Leisure Suit Larry. What a hilarious series, am I right? Other than being an enjoyable laugh and a fun point and click experience, the games are also a good source of some enjoyable visuals and, more importantly for this blog, music. The sixth game in the series, Shape Up or Slip Out, has a particularly enjoyable soundtrack, perfectly nailing that hotel vibe regardless of the area you go to. It kinda makes me want to hook up speaker systems around my house just so I can play this music on repeat through it.

Also, another cool thing about this OST is that when I looked for links to it on YouTube, I not only found videos but I found actual videos. It's not just a picture to look at while you listen; there's a segment of gameplay to watch purely for your viewing pleasure!

La Costa Lotta - Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

Now what's more synonymous with hotels than elevator music? You can't help but feel the groove when this comes on. It just fills the room with this energetic yet chill vibe, if that's even possible. It does a swell job at making you feel right at home at La Costa Lotta, nailing that sweet spot between soothing and exciting. The more you lose yourself in it, the more it really does make you want to walk around the place and explore in that classic Sierra fashion!

Larry's Room - Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

Just like Larry as a character, this room's theme is not very serious in tone. It's still got that groove from the last piece, but now it fits the theme of a dork a whole lot more. The funky melodies get stuck in your head after a while, but that's not bad considering how well they repeat. Just imagine chilling in your oddly designed room with a remarkable view (in both the main room and the bathroom) and listening to this from hidden speakers. Makes you feel like Larry, right?

The Pool - Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

This one is not only pepped up, but also adventurous as well. It's choice of instruments are perfect for a real oceanic setting, and yet it still fits this little pool so well. It makes me want to kinda dance with my walk, or at least come up with a little sea-faring song to go along with it so I can sing it with some friends. Face it: you can't help but want to splash a friend in the shallow end right now, can't you? Most of the song is this melody repeated by these happy-go-lucky chimes, but there comes this eventually shift to these elegant flutes that just sooth the hell out of your soul.

The Health Spa - Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

Speaking of soothing your soul, what better place to do so than the spa? This entire theme is nothing short of relaxing and refreshing, and it's a surprise I don't hear this at any real spas. It's groove is really that if its time, and I can't help but love it all the more for that.  It has a somewhat jazzy tone to it, yet still retains that calming sensation. Almost makes you forget to be on edge about the towel guy making moves on you!

Employee Canteen - Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

I know I've used the words groovy and funky a lot in this VGMC, but dear Lord does this one make you want to dance. It's melodies are catchy as all hell, easy to lose yourself in, and creates this swelling of party fever that you just want to take you over. It's so jazzed up that it kinda makes me want to be an employee of La Costa Lotta myself. With a tune like this always on the jukebox, they must always be having a good time!

Well, there you have it, folks. I'll admit: I adore this soundtrack. It's got such an agreeable vibe to it, fitting both the game and the idea of a hotel paradise perfectly. It's range of emotions from energetic to groovy to relaxing are all so damn pleasant. Maybe after I finally catch up with my backlog of VGMCs I'll allow myself a little break to a nice hotel.

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