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I got three hours of sleep and proceeded to work at the animal shelter for 11 hours. I go to work to pick up my check and my boss hands me two. I go home and not only have all my mangas updated, but Dream has come back! Today was a long and wonderful day!


Robo Panda Z sounds like a type of robotic invasion coming from China once they get sick of America's debt... which I'm still preparing for... please don't invade just yet... please... #JustConspiracyThings #Pandatoid


That moment when someone on 4Chan talks about opening up a snowcone stand and I'm finally able to unload my boatloads of snowcone-specific knowledge onto someone.


God damn, do I love this. I love taking the words in songs and just translating them into notes, so this is perfectly up by alley.


HO HO HO, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it! Have fun with your hot cocoa, lovely trees, and whatever odd Christmas-time games you might play with your family. Pic related.


Oh Steam, how you tempt my precarious bank account so...


I log off for one day, and some crazy drama bamboozlement just had to happen, huh? Jeez, what a crazy bunch of lovable little asshats. Thanks for being you. I love you guys, and take it easy!


Having my friend come over and play a boat-load of New Vegas reminded me of how much i loved Deathclaw hunting. It's such a blast tearing apart huge packs, Deathclaw by Deathclaw.


Me looking at #selfietoid's glory like: (real talk, y'all are some beautiful bastards!)


My face when people are still coming to get snowcones this late into winter:


Surely I'm not the only one who really wants a Destructoid app, right?


Having a new phone has felt amazing so far. It's so much bigger, has a much newer OS, and the screen quality is so damn gorgeous. After the mind-numbing amounts of porn I finally realize the true joy of it: more mobile game reviews!


I want my 100th q-post to be perfect. So here it is.


The new trailer for Splasher just hit, and God damn does it make the game look good.


I've been thinking about writing a series similar to my VGMCs (Video Game Music Compilations), but for normal music. I'd still probably connect it to gaming, but still just normal music. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?


Anyone down for a good ol' YGYL (You Groove You Lose) ?


OFF had such a bizarrely attracting world, but dear Lord am I glad it's not ours.


The fact that Big Fish Games 1) offers a scholarship, and 2) has enough money for an annual scholarship perplexes me on a series of levels.


I FINALLY got around to posting my review of Phoenotopia... that I wrote a few weeks back... I guess that sums up my life at the moment.


That moment when I have to work on Black Friday, but remember I work at a snowcone joint.


Just finished OFF and nooooooooooooooope! Gonna go look at all the endings. These are depressing as hell.


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Yo! People here know me in the blogs as "that flash games guy" and in the q-posts as the guy always going on about his (beloved) snowcone job. Life is rough, but sandpaper a bit rougher, so while I sometimes struggle to find time and energy to whip up a blog I try my best!

I do my best to add to the community, but life is also large, so I struggle to correlate with anything anyone says around here. And I kinda like that. It's a funny dynamic.

One thing you'll notice about my VGMC (Video Game Music Compilation) series is that most of it is not on my little blog here on the good ol' D-toid. VGMCs 1 - 38 are on my own website so if you want to see those (which have lots of amazing VGM) you'll have to go there.

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Current Favorite Game OSTs:
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-Cave Story

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