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My Hat is Off

Last night at 5 PM EST my grandmother passed away. I reflected on this for quite some time and turned to video games as consolation. This is not an uncommon practice I think, as video games are a very popular escapist route. As I delved ...


A case to make Quick Time Events better

So I have been thinking on this for a while. It came up during the latest Podtoid and I think I know what my problems are with QTEs. I don't hate them mind you. I will try to sum up what it is I do not like and what it is I do like about...


Tales of Etrian Odyssey

My most memorable event of Etrian Odyssey was everything to be blunt. Imagine my glee filled eyes as I turned on the game, was told to make characters from scratch (not even a single pregen!), allocate skill points, and (as a Pen and pap...


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The first video game I ever owned was a stand alone breakout set that plugs into your TV made by Atari. I moved on to the 2600 and on up the ladder. I currently still own the following, which all function:

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There is no need to own a PS3 and an Xbox 360... yet.