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GERMURRICA - a new show on Streamtoid

Hey fellas, some of you probably dont know me, i dont comment very often here, but i am more productive on Dtoid's other end, the Dtoid Twitch community. A few weeks back, i joined the fellows of Streamtoid (Dtoid's second Twitch channel) w...


About Sebboone of us since 10:59 PM on 07.16.2012

my name is Sebastian (or Sebbo).
I am from Germany and i normally blog for a German game blog, called playbash!
I also produce electronic music and i am in a melodic hardcore band.

Games are around since i can think of. I remember myself playing around with my fathers Commodore and quickly rised to the Nintendo generation but i am no pro gamer in any way. I just love playing games in any genre.
Xbox LIVE:sebboir
PSN ID:sebbodes0
Steam ID:Des0


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