DeS: Epic Games announces 2019 Fortnite World Cup

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What I want from this year's E3

With E3 less than two weeks away, I've decided to write what I think will come out of it. I've been following E3 for years, but since 2008 have I actually been invested in it whenever it came (which is horrible since E3 2008 was horrible)...


God of War 3 Microscopic Review

- Kratos is pretty. - The world is pretty - Everyone else is pretty - Gameplay is the same. - It's not right to not blame God of War 3 for it's repeated gameplay, when everyone was angered at games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Left ...


Portal 2 GameInformer Scans!!!

I know these are too small, so here are the big versions: 1: 2: 3: http://i217.photobucke...


The FOR REAL Top Ten Asses In Gaming

I've noticed that sir Jim Sterling, and one of the fellow CBloggers have been posting about what they personally think are the top ten asses in video games. I've been looking through the posts, and have to say, I bet I can come up with a be...


My Expertise: Making Friends

I've been reading these 'My Expertise' posts that have been going up lately and thought, "These are very interesting! I should write one." I started brainstorming, when all of a sudden I realized I couldn't find anything that I was really...


I have no sentry but I must sap

I was browsing up some message boards, then I noticed this long paragraph, it had a lot of replies, so I started reading. It turned out to be a Team Fortress story, about the the future, and the Engi's struggle in the sick events the anno...


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