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Top tips for success in your job interview (or boss battle)


Have you ever had sleepless nights worrying about an upcoming job interview (or boss battle)? I know I have.

There are many different kinds of job interviews (or bosses) and some are more grueling than others. However, no matter what the interview (or boss encounter), there are some factors that are essential to understand in order to succeed.

Here are my top tips for guaranteed success when facing a job interview (or boss battle). Job interviews (or bosses) are never easy, but bearing these tips in mind will make them a less stressful experience.

Have the right attitude
One key element of coming out on top in a job interview (or boss battle) is the correct frame of mind. Remember that if you think you can, or you think you can't, you're probably right. Therefore, ensure you enter the job interview (or boss battle) with a "can do" attitude. A positive mental state will come out in your approach to the situation. Thatís a psychological fact!

That said, ensure you treat your interviewer (or boss) with respect. Donít presume that the job (or boss) is in the bag. Keep your eyes and ears open as the interviewer (or boss) will often give you clues on what they are looking for in an applicant (or player). Look out for these clues and take advantage of them when they arise. Are they asking specific questions that they feel are highly relevant to the job (or are there any glowing weak spots)? Donít miss out on the chance to put your point across when you get it!

Come equipped
A sure-fire way of tripping yourself up in a job interview (or boss battle) is not coming appropriately equipped. If you know a job interview (or boss battle) is coming up then make sure you are wearing your best gear and know the skills you have learned inside out. You can bet that your interviewer (or boss) will be expecting nothing less.

Turning up scruffy, half asleep, with no idea of your past experience? Thatís an invitation to fail, and you need not have bothered turning up.

Do Your Homework
Going in blind will only jeopardize your chances of getting that job (or defeating that boss). By checking out the job description (or a game walkthrough), you will get a great feel for whatís needed to meet the position of successful applicant (or boss slayer).

Take a look at the company (or game) forums. You are unlikely to be the first person to take on a job interview in that company (or boss in that game), and there will be employees (or players) who will have useful advice from their experiences.

It's not a trick
Remember that a job interview (or boss battle) is meant to be testing, but it is not a test designed to catch you out. By getting through the clearing process (or the end of a stage), you have proven that you have the potential skills worthy of getting the job done. Bear that in mind when you are taking an interview (or boss) on. An interviewer (or boss) will typically be quizzing you on the most recent skills youíve acquired, but donít be surprised if something from the past might crop up!

The interviewer (or boss) will employ different techniques to test your skills, which will typically follow a set pattern. However, donít be surprised to find the odd surprise, like being asked to sell their own pen back to them (or a sudden summoning of two dozen minions when they carry out their next death laser sweep). Keep your composure and focus, think through your response and keep on your toes.

Keep up the pace
A job interview (or boss battle) can be as short as a 10 minute exchange or as long as several hours, and can consist of several stages with varying degrees of intensity. Keep up your momentum and donít get complacent. If you let your guard down at a particular stage and end up doing something wrong, you can seriously risk your chances of getting the job (or beating the boss). Stay alert and keep focused on the objective.

There is no point starting enthusiastically in the first five minutes if you donít have the stamina to maintain that momentum. If you fall foul in any part of the interview (or boss battle) and say or do the wrong thing, you could be looking at a black mark on your appraisal (or the loss of three quarters of your health bar) which you may struggle to recover from.

Never give up
Remember, when it comes to an interview (or boss encounter), ensure you end enthusiastically. The difference between success and failure in an interview (or boss battle) can sometimes be down to how you finish. Always end on a positive note!

Don't expect to get a job (or beat the boss) on your first try. Failure in your first interview (or boss encounter) is not the end of the world. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again. Your perseverance will pay off and even in defeat you can gather useful learning experience.

After an interview (or boss encounter), take the time to sit down and consider how it went. What did you do well, and what went badly? Ask yourself if you demonstrated a good knowledge of the job (or boss encounter) and gave enough focus on why you make the perfect candidate (or conqueror).

Itís tough out there. A job interview (or boss encounter) is always seen as a scary experience. It doesn't have to be, though. Take these tips on board and you will do a great job.

Good luck with your future interviews (and boss fights)!
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