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Comments of the Week: Evolution of a Comment Edition


(brought to you by the Campaign to Render Assholes Palatable)

No doubt you may have noticed that Comments of the Week is becoming a regular feature again. You may also noticed that I have the timekeeping skills of a drunk sloth with an inner ear malfunction, thus I was curious if any fans of the series would be interested in receiving an email alert when I drop a new hot slice of comment commentary coagulation into the community collected cacophony.

If you are interested, drop me a private message with your email address, and I'll set something up.

From PS Vita sold 2.2 million units between launch and June 30
The article:
Sony has revealed that the PlayStation Vita managed to sell 2.2 million units worldwide between launch and June 30. As is often Sony's way, it's not giving anything more up-to-date than that.

"The latest figures we've released for Vita (as of June 30th) are 2.2. million sales worldwide," a SCEE rep told Joystiq.

The last sales update was at the beginning of May, where it'd been revealed that the Vita sold 1.8 million units. So, in two months the system managed to shift around 400,000 units. The 3DS, meanwhile, was at 3.61 million units before it implemented the notorious price cut so soon after its North American launch.

Sony claims it does not plan to follow Nintendo and drop the Vita's price, not this year. In the world of sanity, people are asking why not. There's a fine line between proud and stupid.

Listen to this man Sony! Oh, and give thatgamecompany more money to make cool games. There's a good chap.

From Square Enix screws up Final Fantasy VII PC, says sorry

The box is inside another box, which there is a good chance you will be unable to open. If you do open it you will discover a 15-year-old wig, covered in lice.

From Jimquisition: Boycotts fail where whining tantrums win

Sad but true: Cause enough of a stink and you can get people to respond in order to try and get rid of you. Nobody likes a stink hanging around.

From Review: Sound Shapes

Seriously, man. Have you ever heard an octagon sing. I mean, really sing at you, like it wants you? It's pretty deep, man.

From Rumor: Dragon Age 3 story and co-op hints surface

Since the comment was released, Bioware has issued an artist's impression:

I have to say I can't wait.

From Is Square counting down to World Ends with You sequel?

Well turn your webcam on then, knutaf. Stop teasing the CoTW crowd.

From Fifty Shades of Grey got b*tch slapped by Hyrule Historia

I laughed, then felt a little sorry for VolksONER.

Then I laughed again.

From Square Enix screws up Final Fantasy VII PC, says sorry
COLLAGE TIME AGAIN! This week's theme is SCAREris. Jim Sterling threw it out there, and Nightsama and Smackybutts ran with it. I also included my own entry at the bottom because I'm a narcissistic little bumfluff CHAMPION!

From Sony man says PS Vita Cross-Buy is Europe-only (Update)

I can only see this "negative spin" if I actually spin, round and round until only the most cynical parts of my brain are functioning. Because Sony's not making you do anything.

From How Xbox Live is blatantly better than PSN

Better clean the spit off the lens of the good ol' Super 3D Bullshit-O-Scope and see what hot mess we're turning our ocular senses to this time:

Remember, most detergents only get your dishes 99% clean; the Super 3D Bullshit-O-Scope doesn't give a fuck about your dishes whatsoever.

From Assassin's Creed Liberation could quietly top AC III

Might as well give the Super 3D Bullshit-O-Scope another blast on this number. Might as well, the Super 3D Bullshit-O-Scope is a bugger to pack away:

Remember - the Super 3D Bullshit-O-Scope is not available in shops! Order now and get an amazing paperweight/desk tidy/breezeblock ABSOLUTELY FOR AN ADDITIONAL $50 + P&P!

Another week is over, but don't be too despondent. There's a fair chance I'll be back next week.

That, or I'll dive into another mysterious 5-6 month absence and pop up with a new Comments Of The Week/War Story/Debatoid/MassDebate/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/Interview/Parody at some point in 2013.

Either/Or. Currently it's coin flip odds.
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