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Choose Your Own E3 Adventure 2: Exposition Harder


The fierce midday sun tears into the unwary traveller to the City of Angels, and holds no pity on you as you limp to the corner of West 12th and St Figueroa. The crowd outside the Los Angeles Convention Center buzzes like an angry wasp as it impatiently funnels through the recently opened doors. The front entrance looms like the mountain in Journey, and like that mountain, the Convention Center is an awesome and imposingly distant sight. You see only three options in front of you: You could stick it out with the other mugs and latecomers in the line, charm or bully your way to the front of the throng, or sneak around the side to see if you can find one of those classy "alternative routes" that super cool adventures have these days.

Get in line

Make a bid for the front of the line

Sneak round the side
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