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The Playstation Vita.....hey this is actually pretty neat!


Well ladies and gentlemen....I made the plunge. Not only did I make the plunge...I made it hard. Last night, I took in my 3DS XL and all of it's games and traded them in towards non other than a Playstation Vita. Oh I know, you can bring on all the hatred you want - "WTF is wrong with you bro?" "The Vita is worthless and has no games!" "Sony is the Antichrist!" Yes yes, fill me with whatever hatred you might desire.....however, when you're done venting, continue reading on and I'll tell you why I am absolutely stoked about my decision.

One thing that nobody can take away from the Vita is the fact that it is technically speaking, a very savy and advanced device. The entire front of the Vita acts as a touch screen, which really becomes more likable as you grow use to using it. It's very responsive, smooth, and fun to use. I've yet to have much use for the back touch screen, but I'm more than willing to entertain the use of it for the future - it's just a neat concept. Of course the layout and features of the Vita are very similar to that of the 3DS as well - there's a home button feature, you can take pictures, store videos and music, and of course check facebook, browse the web or watch Netflix.

One great edge that I absolutely must give the Vita over Nintendo's 3DS (and no, graphics do not count) is the Playstation Network. There is such a robust library of classic PSOne games, all listed at a pretty fair price, as well as PSP titles and even dlc Vita titles (many in which are cheaper to download digitally then to buy at retail value unlike Nintendo's eshop). I was giddy as a school girl to see some of my favorite Final Fantasy titles available as well as Harvest Moon Back to Nature (don't judge, I love me some farmin'). There are many dlc titles available through the Playstation Network, and I'm somewhat disappointed that I've not heard such things advertised in the media.

I'll flat out say that the Vita just naturally feels more like a portable console than the 3DS....that's not to say it's 'superior' by any means, that's just my personal opinion. Graphics wise, the games do look right on par with current gen consoles. I'll be that guy and even say that the addition of a right analog stick definitely helps this opinion (though they are definitely not the most comfortable analog sticks I have ever played with). The screen bolsters such a smooth and clear image that the 3DS well....doesn't. Needless to say, there is still sooo much potential left in this device, and I sure hope Sony get's their act together and does something about it.

"There aren't any games for the Vita you idiot!" - yeah I'm going to shut that guy up right now. How many of you have actually looked at the Vita's library? I was pleasantly surprised to see the diversity in it, and while not all of the Vita's games have gotten A+ ratings on Metacritic, I think there's more than meets the eye with many of them. I bought the CoD Declassified bundle with a copy of Ragnarok Odyssey, and both offer up an extremely fun gameplay experience. Yes yes, I know how much Jimmy hated Declassified (and rightly so, it's a pretty hunky turd indeed), HOWEVER, it does offer a sustainable Call of Duty multiplayer experience, one that is not on par with it's console brethren but is still very fun and addicting. Ragnarok is just gold, nuff said. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Rayman Origins (a game far superior on the Vita than the 3DS) and the MGS HD Collection either, which still leaves me with games like Dynasty Warriors Next, Assassin's Creed III Liberation, Uncharted Golden Abyse, Gravity Rush and Phantasy Star Online 2. Trust me, there is much potential to be had here.

Sony is definitely on a downhill slope right now, and I'm hoping they get their act together soon because they're sitting on a mountain of potential. Once you've gotten over the financial hump, you can clearly see that there is enough in the Vita to make it far worth the investment. I'll have my fingers crossed that it's sales will improve and that Sony makes some more affordable bundles occur in the near future, E3 is just around the corner.

BTW, IF by some slim chance this blog sparks your interest enough to actually go out and get a Vita....don't hit me up for a referral. That shit's just silly.
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