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I hate my next gen-console, there's no games for it!!!....oh wait.


One of the things that I find hilariously obnoxious is the fact that gamers, well...human beings, are impatient. I've read countless post from D-toid, to IGN, to Kotaku to even The Escapist (hi Jimmy!) having users riddle them with raw hatred for the next gen consoles because they don't have good launch lineups! A real travesty, right?

Except....they're wrong. I'll never understand at what point we've become so preconceit with games that unless a website gives it a perfect 10 out of 10, there's no way we can bring it into our homes. I understand that money is tight, and that gaming isn't a cheap pastime, however I've said it before and I'll say it again that reviews aren't everything, and that one should never judge a book by it's cover. In this little blog, I'm going to give some insight on some launch title games across the PS4 AND Xbox One (no hatin' in hurr) that ARE perfect for a launch lineup and WILL keep you satisfied and entertained for a long time. 

Let's look at your multi-platforms!

Call of Duty: Ghosts/Battlefield 4 - Two very different games, but I put them side by side because they generally serve the same purposes. They are both well designed fps titles that tend to have a large fanbase and solid mechanics, making them strangely addictive (I don't know how, but they do). Both of these titles look very, VERY good on the PS4 and Xbox One, better than on either systems older siblings. If you're a gamer who has already divulged in them before the launch of next gen consoles, then you might want to pass up on them due to the fact that you are going to receive an almost identical experience, however if you're looking for a sharper image and just really want to put that new system to work, you won't be disappointed with either game. The multiplayer in both titles will keep your average gamer busy for hours on hours. 

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Many critics have praised Assassin's Creed 4 for giving the gamers everything they wanted from Assassin's Creed 3, and then building a more fun loving atmosphere for them to enjoy. Assassin's Creed games are also very addictive in their stealthy style of gameplay, and one can spend many hours just exploring the open world atmosphere. I've yet to play the game myself, but as a HUGE fan of ACIII, you can bet that this game is going to be on my Christmas list this year. Again, this game is multi-platform and has a 360/PS3 release as well, but looks absolutely gorgeous on the Xbox One and PS4. 

Madden 25/NBA 2K14 - Obviously not EVERY gamer on the market is into sports games, however those that are will be kept pretty busy with these two titles. Madden 25 and NBA 2K14 both feature stunning visuals on the Xbox One and PS4, and give fans of the NFL and NBA a chance to make their favorite franchises a winner (yes, even the Chiefs....wait, they have 9 wins???). As a gamer of all genres, I've put many, many, many hours into building a franchise with my favorite teams, and while the gameplay is repetitive, it always keeps me coming back for more. 

PS4 Exclusives?

Killzone: Shadow Fall - Possibly the MOST standout game on the PS4 in terms of it's graphical capabilities. Did I mention I'd really like to own this game? While Battlefield and Call of Duty are both very solid fps titles, Killzone (Sony's flagship fps title) stands to offer PS4 owners something unique. Fans of the series won't be disappointed with this installment, and should be kept busy playing through the campaign and multiplayer features. This one will likely be the IP launch title that will be remembered for years. 

Knack - Knack is a simple and innovative title that seems perfect for a launch lineup. Every open minded gamer should own a platformer or two, and Knack serves that purpose well by all means. Critics have hampered Knack for not being the mind blowing experience that games like Rayman or Super Mario have been, but that doesn't mean you should simply blow it off. There is a certain charm to the game that I personally find very appealing. Knack is the kind of game that was made to catch on with younger audiences, as well as gamers who still have that fun loving innocent side in them, and hey, why shouldn't your girlfriend/wife have a fun game to share on the PS4 as well?

Warframe - This game is actually a multi-platform as well between PC and PS4, but I figured it was DEFINITELY worth mentioning. I have probably put more time into this PS4 title than any other game so far, and best of all - IT'S FREE TO PLAY! Warframe looks gorgeous on the PS4, and as a mission based 3rd person shooter, I find it incredibly fun and addictive. The gameplay leans heavily on cooperative teamwork, which I like about it a lot. More of a lone wolf? That's fine too, as there is a solo setting allowing for users to go into missions on their own (though by the time you get to a survival or defense mission, you'll regret it). You can customize your 'tenno' in terms of weapon sets, mods, accessories and colors. If you're into parkour, guns and slicing things with swords, you'll find yourself getting hooked to this game as well. 

Xbox One Exclusives?

Dead Rising 3 - Zombies. Zombies everywhere. You can smash them, crash them, throw them, shoot them, bop them, zap them, fry them.....I mean they're frickin' zombies! Dead Rising 3 is a vast open world zombie masher. Like it's previous two titles, one can spend hours on hours just letting loose their inner rage on the undead. Did I mention it looks gorgeous? If this game is any indication of what the Xbox One is capable of, then I'm sure fans can look forward to a long eventful future. 

Ryse: Son of Rome - Another title that has been hampered by critics, however there is much more to Ryse than meets the eye. Visually, the game looks stunning and features very fun battle mechanics and scenarios. Ever wanted to fight in the front lines of the Roman Empire? Here's your chance. The game does have some sequential patterns (Hit X....Hit A.....Hit B), however these normally transfer into some gruesome battle scenes that many gamers will find entertaining. Ryse should keep the casual and hardcore gamer alike entertained for all it's worth. 

Killer Instinct - One thing the Xbox One definitely has over the PS4 is Killer Instinct, a great online fighter game that is even free to play....that is until you get bored with Jago. Even that set back aside, it's an incredibly fun game that carries much of the nostalgic charisma that the Super Nintendo predecessor carried. If gamers choose to purchase them, there is a wide variety of unique characters to choose from, each with their own unique moves and advantages. Fighter titles like this don't exactly come around every year, and Xbox One fans are lucky to have it right at their fingertips exclusively. All Xbox One owners should at least give it a download. 

So guys, stop the whining and complaining about how there's 'no games to play' on the new consoles....because quite frankly that's a flat out lie. There is PLENTY of fun to keep gamers occupied into next year, and then some....unless you're one of those gamers that HAS to have something new every other week, in which all I can say is share the wealth man.
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