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For when you want a tasty sandwich but also you're not sure whether you actually exist.


Having replayed all the Bioshock games recently, I was thinking of giving the Dishonored games a shot. Which is best though? I usually hear it's the first, but occasionally I see people prefer the sequel.


Now that Splatfests are over, now seems like a good time to draw attention to that Pearl's VA is actually in a rock band called Lighter190E, and they're pretty good.


Reminder that the final Splatfest for Splatoon 2 starts today! Chaos vs Order! It'll run for 72 hours, so there's plenty of time to join in.


Codex Entry is finally back after a long absence, with what is probably his best video yet.


Potentially spicy take: The Crush40 music for SA1&2 were and still are legitimately good and they only went bad after that point.


Codemasters are finally bringing back the Grid series! I expect this is probably the first of the inevitable E3 reveals that always get announced before E3 for this year.


I really like stumbling on cool little low-profile indie projects, only to find a bunch more as a result. Pictured: Citadel Deep. Some more cool stuff in the comments, including flying wizard battles!


The new Hat in Time DLC is pretty fun I guess.


The guy who made Salad Fingers is now working with Flying Lotus and David Lynch. Directed this video.


Thinking about going back to an old RPG but I can't decide. The Witcher 2 or Dragon's Dogma? The former would be like the 4th or 5th try at getting in to it, and the latter would be a choice between continuing NG+ with my warrior build, or starting fresh.


It's Earth Day, so that means we get to listen to Earth Day again. (second annual bump!)


A huge bunch of official info about the next Playstation just surfaced. Supports ray tracing, can run 8K, uses a super fast SSD, is backward compatible, and can still run discs too. Link in comments.


Consider the following:


How many people here are still playing Smash Ultimate at least semi-regularly? It feels like the buzz about it died down pretty quickly after release.


Found some Easter Eggs in DMC5. References to enemies from 4. If you go to the Gallery and turn off the UI you can move the camera and see them. Probably more there too that I missed.


Turns out DMC5 is pretty great. Who knew? Also, this.


You know how in Steam Big Picture they put recent news stories about a game on your library page?




Why did nobody tell me how amazing the Kid Icarus Uprising soundtrack is!?


Made a little thing. You can point your eyes at it if you like.


Good news for lovers of edgy memes! Turns out Darksiders 3 wasn't a flop after all, and met sales expectations and is now making a profit. THQ is also doing really well in general. Link to story in comments.


Alright I guess I'll do a #shelfietoid too. One of five pics. I like my physical copies, even if they just sit there gathering dust for years.


TheGamingBrit put out a really cool and thoughtful video on Travis Strikes Again and Suda51's career. Really cool stuff, and spoilers, obviously.


It's been a while since I did some #carporntoid so here's some more. Giving the game a bit of a rest now too. The seasonal events have started to lose their appeal somewhat.


Alright you incorrigible nerds tell me what to play from my backlog. The options: SOMA, Shadow Warrior, Momodora, CoJ: Gunslinger, The Swapper, Kameo, or just replay old stuff again?


The eternal question: what genre is Luigi's Mansion?


Just finished off Darksiders 3. Overall I liked it, but there's a lot I'm conflicted on. On one hand I think some of the negative reception was unfair, but I don't think this is some hidden underrated gem either. Glad it exists and it's not a disaster.


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