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Erase The DragonBall Movie Trailer With This

Seen the Horrible DragonBall Movie Trailer yet?

Well don't, it's really bad. And to make matters worse, I think I've heard about a DragonBall: The Movie: The Game. Like what the fuck is that shit.

But there is still hope, as there will be a new Anime short, 35 minute film based off DragonBall (Z). Yes more DBZ! But get this, it will be based off Vegeta's brother (wut?), who magically survived when Planet Vegeta was destroyed along with Vegeta's whole family. But hey, it can't be worse than that shitty movie that won't be spoken about ever again.

Ohai, I'm Vegeta's Bro. Now die.

Good news is, Akira Toriyama, creator of DB and DBZ (and not the horrid DBGT), is making this happen.

Taken from Japanator
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