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Why Hideo Kojima Should Develop Mobile Games


During a Twitch interview, Geoff Keighly asked Hideo Kojima if he would be interested in developing mobile games in the future. According to Game Informer, "Kojima said that he had no interest in creating a short, replayable game similar to most of the mobile market." As it turns out, he would rather create "a practical, easy to play adventure game that is quite deep." Of course, this won’t become a reality until he finishes Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and that’s assuming Konami doesn’t rope him into making another sequel.

As a mobile gamer, I find this disappointing because Hideo Kojima is known for taking advantage of hardware, and mobile gaming platforms have plenty of features that are practically begging to be used such as the gyroscope, accelerator, touchscreen and other hidden features that only Kojima would think of using. While mobile gaming has its share of time wasters and in-app purchases, it also has some of the most interesting, innovative and invigorating games I’ve ever played.

Let’s look at some of the cool things Kojima has done with consoles. Everyone who has played a Metal Gear Solid game knows that Kojima is a master of exploiting Sony’s hardware. In Metal Gear Solid, we faced off against Psycho Mantis who was able to read our minds—our memory cards—to determine the kind of gamer we really are (I sure do like Castlevania). We even struggled to exploit Psycho Mantis’s weakness until the colonel suggested we plug our controllers into the second controller port. Who would have guessed that on their first try!

My favorite example is the boss fight against The End in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This is a frustrating boss fight that could take hours to complete due to the End's camouflage. It turned out we could just reset the PlayStation 2’s clock so that The End would die of old age, allowing gamers to avoid a grueling sniper stand-off. I didn't find this out until after I beat the game for the first time, and I still think that it was a genius move by Kojima.

It’s too bad Kojima apparently doesn’t think highly of mobile games, as there are some examples that use mobile gaming technology to their advantage. Ridiculous Fishing, listed on Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition Awards 2013, used the iPhone’s gyroscope to create a simple game where one dodges fish for as long as they can until they feel a bite; then, players reel up the fish and blast them with machine guns. Infinity Blade is an epic RPG that used the touchscreen to create accurate, swordplay.

But my favorite example, which led me to write this article, is Year Walk, which is coincidentally "a practical, easy to play adventure game that is quite deep." Year Walk (at least in the iPhone version) gives players zero hints at what to do. All they can do is explore the scenery that provides them the clues they need to solve relevant puzzles. There’s more to it, as some puzzles require rotating the device and interacting with the touchscreen in weird ways. But the biggest feature was the companion app, which is important for solving the game's final puzzle. I couldn't help but think of Kojima's games as I played Year Walk. If the developers of Year Walk can use the iPhone to create interesting new ways to play, then why can’t Kojima (apart from his obvious contractual obligations) use the available technology to do the same for his dream adventure game?

At the end of the day, I eagerly await Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with the rest of Kojima’s fans, and I too wouldn’t want him to lose focus. But I also look forward to the day when Hideo Kojima can take a break from the Metal Gear Solid series to work on his adventure game. I would play it no matter which console he develops it for, but I hope he doesn’t overlook mobile gaming; he could do some nifty things with the technology.

Source: Game Informer
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