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About Scritone of us since 5:40 PM on 07.18.2012

I'm a 22 years old college student/part time janitor/internet junkie. The first console I owned--which actually belonged to my two older brothers'--was the NES; however, my fondest gaming memories are from the Super Nintendo era. I rarely have time to sit down and enjoy console games. These days, I turn to mobile devices and the computer for quick, casual fixes or unique indie experiences.

I could never compile and rank my favorite games into a top # list format. My list would constantly fluctuate in taste. That said, a few of the games that would frequent the list include Mega Man X, Silent Hill 2/4, Chrono Trigger/Cross, No More Heroes, Final Fantasy 6-10, Earthbound, and far too many more that I cannot think of at the moment.

I'm currently playing VVVVVV, Trine 1 & 2, A Valley Without Wind, To The Moon, and Crow.

Xbox LIVE:The Scritimizer
PSN ID:Seabass_glass
Steam ID:garrettglass


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