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ME2 finally announced on Steam

After many months of bugging the crap out of Steam via the forums, Mass Effect fans can at last rest easy. The expansion has been officially announced as available via Steam, thats both the regular and deluxe editions, and come with the I...


About Scott Chapmanone of us since 12:45 PM on 12.28.2009

I'm a 27 year old living in England and have been playing computer games for 20+ years. Born in the year of the ZX Spectrum it was inevitable really and I still have fond memories of listening to the cassette loader screech for 20 minutes before unleashing my wizard/eagle powers in Alchemist, or copying pages upon pages on text from a book to create a picture of a flower.

Over the years I've played on and owned many consoles and computers including:
Atari 2600, 1040st
Commodore 64
SEGA Master System, Mega Drive
NINTENDO Gameboy, NES, SNES, N64, DS, Gamecube, Wii
SONY - PS1, PS One, PS2, PS3
Numerous PCs

I also had an original clear green XBOX once, but I turned it off after 30 seconds and kicked the filthy whore into the corner where it belongs and have remained a faithful Sony follower since. Therefore its a shame that XBOXlive smokes PSN, preventing Sony from total world domination. saaaad face!

The list of games I've played is much to large too even attempt to list, so I'll stick to a handful of the most memorable.

Final Fantasy VII - blew me away, totally
Resident Evil - first game to increase my underwear allowance
Gran Tourismo/Wipeout - legendary racers
Theme Park - hours of fun killing small children with rollercoasters
Duke Nukem 3D - guns, boobs & aliens.
Die Hard Trilogy - 3 games in 1? Yippee ki yay!
KOTOR - the best star wars game to date
Flashback - god I miss this awesome title...more please
CoD4 MW - the king of multiplayer FPS until its console-bitch sister came along
C&C Red Alert - you laughed like a mentalist when the tesla coil went off too, admit it

Although a console owner I am primarily a PC gamer, and in closing I'd like to give a special message for some special people...

..STEAM, we love you.