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What video game had the worst Japanese-to-America localization and why is it Donkey Konga 2?


You ever get nostalgia from things you never grew up with? Like I never watched a Wallace and Gromit short until last week, but A Grand Day Out just has this cozy vibe to it that made me feel like I was revisiting an old childhood favorite.


As much as it pains me to say it, 2010 is starting to feel "not modern" to me now.


The Splatoon subreddit went absolutely apeshit the other day because someone posted this artwork on the plaza. "Think of muh children" and shit like that. Splatoon is the absolute last fandom I expected to be invaded by the Fun Police, but here we are.


Ray tracing this, DLSS that, I say it's time for the real test of graphical prowess. Can the RTX 4090 finally render Toy Story 1 in real-time?


The Stardew Valley-inspired indie farming simulator


I've seen so many people use the quote on top used to criticize Rings of Power, but it literally originated from a TVTropes article. I'm starting to think these clickbait YouTubers never read the books they think so highly of


Channel surfing is the one thing that makes me nostalgic for cable. I loved scrolling through that TV Guide at 1AM, stumbling onto cool shit like a Chappelle's Show marathon (with a Girls Gone Wild commercial if I got extra lucky). Pic entirely unrelated.


Based on both my childhood experiences and what I see on my little sister's tablet, I present to you the "Shows and Videos Aimed at Small Children" Alignment Chart:


Ben Shapiro fans chanting "Go Woke, Go Broke" when the new Disney movie pushing the Gay Agenda only grosses $3.2 trillion dollars at the box office instead of $3.3 trillion dollars.


The NWS Storm Alert theme is my favorite Kingdom Hearts song


How long have pre-order bonuses been a thing? I know they were definitely around by the 6th gen, but what about before? Were any game stores in the 90s giving you bonuses for say, reserving a copy of Crash Bandicoot or Chrono Trigger?


Phase 1 was 6 movies over the span of 5 years. Phase 5 is 6 movies in 2 years + a shitton of spin-off shows. The MCU is the Guitar Hero of film franchises, like I don't see how this shit is sustainable long term.


I like how the fake video game at the start of Toy Story 2 is pushing graphical effects that modern consoles arguably still can't do in real time, but had to be played on a CRT using an SNES controller with no shoulder buttons.


Video game developers making world 2 the desert level for the eighty billionth time


People's negative reactions to Wind Waker make a lot more sense when you remember how garbage its reveal trailer was. 1 minute of poorly-edited combat in the same 2 empty environments, tonally closer to Looney Tunes than Miyazaki, I'd be pissed too


On one hand, my old 720p TV from 2008 was obsolete tech that's nowhere near as good as the one I own now. On the other hand, damn I miss playing PS3/360/Wii U games in their pixel-perfect native resolution.


Is EarthBound the most disproportionately popular video game relative to its sales? It barely cracked 100,000 copies sold in America but every fucking indie game for the past 15 years has been "EarthBound inspired"


What if those Switch Pro rumors were all a ruse and Nintendo gave us the Wii Phone instead


I've actually seen a lot of debate on this, is the Switch graphically closer to the Wii U or the base Xbox One? Breath of the Wild had me thinking the former, but I think Luigi's Mansion 3 running at 1080p pushed me to the other camp.


I gave OFK a listen, this might genuinely be the worst video game soundtrack since Crazy Bus. I don't know what I expected from fictional Californians who look like they write blog posts about the toxic whiteness of iCarly, but it wasn't this.


Fun fact: All European box arts of N64 games had a black border surrounding the artwork. This is a reference to the giant black borders that every PAL game had because they used cringe 576i/50hz CRT televisions instead of based 480i/60hz TVs


Is it accurate to say that there's no meaningful differences between PS/Xbox multiplats anymore? I feel like if you need expensive Digital Foundry tools to detect bad frame pacing or shit then it doesn't really matter anymore. Video entirely unrelated.


As a 21yo, I was actually in the target demographic for these Wii U commercials when they aired. Saw them all the time while watching Cartoon Network with my friends. Speaking from first-hand experience, I can say that these ads sold a lot of Xbox Ones.


There's a conspiracy theory that the internet died in 2016 and 95% of its current commentors are bots. It's obviously not real, but damn it FEELS real. Go back to old internet threads or videos from like 2007 or so, everything just felt more...authentic.


TERF speedrun any%. In only 2 years JKR's statements have gone from "I'll march with trans people if they're being discriminated" to "Watch this epic tradcon religious propaganda". If she nails her frame perfect Orban endorsement tweet she'll have WR


Felt like shit two days ago, had a 101F fever but tested negative for COVID. Felt better yesterday, tested myself before bed and had no COVID. Felt even better today, body temp was normal, went to work, tested just now to be safe, I now have COVID.


Splatoon 3 is the Super Mario Galaxy 2 of this generation, in that there's a surprisingly large group of people calling it glorified DLC despite clearly offering literally a brand new game's worth of content.


You ever stop and realize how silly our film/game age ratings are? Most Star Wars films are PG-13 but all the preteens at my elementary had Darth Vader lunchboxes. And 13-year old me certainly wasn't traumatized by Bayonetta lol


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