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How My Life Mirrored a Videogame, Rockstar's Bully: My Life as King, no Spoilers


Last Saturday night I beat the game Bully: Scholarship Edition [Wii]. I had actually started the game 3 years ago, but I stopped for 2 reasons one was that I failed a stealth mission 8 times and got irritated [Galloway Away], and the second was that I was attending a "Blue Ribbon School" at the time. It was one of the most difficult high schools in the state (if not the most difficult). I had very little free time because I was swamped with school work, I was experiencing extreme stress because of school, and then the realization hit me that I was using my very little free time to attend a virtual high school. I quickly stopped playing the game, ironically the following year I picked up Persona 3 invested 5 hours into it, and then realized the same thing, that I was playing a school simulator when I school was a major stress inducer. I plan on picking up P3 again and finishing it this year, though I'm currently stressed out from college, so I'm not sure how far I'll get.

Anyways back on topic, After my 3 year absence I decided to pick up my Wii-mote and return to Bullworth Academy. One chapter left and a few hours spread across the next couple of days, and I would see the end of the school year. The game brought back some memories. The torture, and awkwardness of high school, and my time in middle school. This is the story of my year in 6th grade, and how I conquered the schoolyard.

But first some mood music

My years in middle school were a cross between the animated series Recess, and the videogame Bully. In the first quarter of 6th grade the “King” of the school was kicked out for calling the principal a “faget.” He was short, Asian, had a cool hair cut, a silver tongue, intelligent, listened to punk music, and was admired and respected by the majority of the student body. After he was expelled it was a free for all.

After the “King's” discharge his “henchmen” had no guidance or order. The one causing the most trouble was tall, black, and had an athletic build let's call him Derek. In a sense he was my Gary (the antagonist of Bully). Their were rumors that Derek a 6th grader had beaten up an 8th Grader. He was universally disliked, except for his partners in crime, and his one fan girl who sat next to me in my homeroom, she would tell me every class period how amazing Derek was. He was a jerk, he would sneak up behind innocent kids knee them in the back and run off. One day he managed to sneak up behind my two friends and I. He kneed my British friend In the back and pushed him onto a large rock, he then grabbed my best friend from behind, and pushed him into a patch of dirt. The entire time he did this I stood their in shock saying “stop he's a friend” in a robotic repetition. I was ashamed of myself that day for not doing anything, and was mad at the teachers for not helping us, and instead punishing us even though we were the ones being victimized. That day had repeated in my mind many times.

I took down the biggest Bully in school

About two weeks after this happened Derek snuck up behind me while I was playing soccer, and started twisting my arms. At that moment everything started going in slow motion, their was a slight blur in my vision, the vibrant colors of the schoolyard were temporarily replaced by a sepia tone, I heard a loud ring that sounded like I was standing next to a generator although I was in the corner of a soccer field. At that moment it felt as if I had lost control of my body, and was being possessed by something demonic. I elbowed him in the face, and started wailing on him as hard as I could. He tried pulling my shirt over my head, but he didn't manage to get an advantage over me. We had to be torn apart by our classmates, after we were pulled apart, I was greeted by many beaming smiles and a “holy crap he didn't get a single hit on you.”

The teachers then showed up and made us go to the principles office. The entire time he was exclaiming that his arm hurt and that it was broken. I thought he was faking it, but when I saw him the next day he was wearing a cast. In the principals office I was told that I would have a week of in school suspension starting tomorrow, and was instructed to go to my classroom, and finish the day. When I arrived to class and sat in my seat Derek's fan girl started to speak to me.

Her: “Where were you, why are you late to class?”
Me: “I got in a fight”
Her: “With who?”
Me: “Derek”
Her: “Did he beat you up?”
Me: “No, I beat him up”
Her: “You're lying”
Me: “No I'm not ask anybody”

She shrugged and didn't believe me. The next day she started treating me completely different. Before she was a little cold to me, and called me stupid. Now she started flirting with me, and sometimes followed me home from school, on some occasions she would run to catch up with me if I took off without her. She use to spend a lot of time talking about how she really wanted this expensive pair of leather pants. She was a cute girl she had blonde hair and wore glasses, I always disregarded her advances because she was only interested in me because of my new status. 12 years old, and already a gold digger. I didn't give her much attention, but I'll admit it was kinda nice having a girl like me.

After that fight 6th grade was broken down into two factions my half and the second half. My half the civil side and The second half which was unorganized delinquency. I never liked the other half I pulled harmless pranks to make people laugh, they would cause trouble just to cause it, and they thought they were cooler than everyone because they did.

Although I wasn't necessarily “the king of the school” I was known by everyone and was given lots of respect. This is something that's difficult to describe unless you've experienced it, but middle school was it's own little world. I was known across the entire school yard. I spent my days walking around making sure no one was harassing the kids in younger grades, nerds, girls, or picking fights with no reason. The teachers didn't really do anything, whenever they did stop a fight they had a tendency of punishing the victim, and only giving the instigator a slap on the wrist.

I remember when I was in third grade, and my mom still dressed me. I had thick glasses with a gold trim, cork sandals, khaki shorts, and a dress shirt. I was a massive target for the kids in the higher grades, it sucked. I didn't want anyone else to go through that. At that time I was still subject to my brothers daily beatings, every time I fought back he would hit harder, so I learned that it was just best to take it. I couldn't do anything about my own home situation, so it was nice to be able to help kids out at school.

Whenever someone would get picked on I would be immediately notified. I'd show up on the scene, and I'd ready my fist. I had a ring on my middle finger that I made from a hollowed skateboard bearing. Then I would execute my infamous spine punch. I would dig my knuckles into the back of peoples spines, and they would fall to the floor and be paralyzed for the next ten minutes. Luckily it didn't take long for the message to spread that I didn't tolerate bullying, So I was able to focus most of my attention on jokes and pulling pranks.

I did so much stuff I don't even remember most of it. One time I filled a bunch of film canisters with white powder then released it into the air to create a massive white smoke cloud that enveloped most of the school yard, I mooned a teacher during detention, I hugged a cactus, I turned on the sink in the classroom and stuck my face in it during class, I took cheetos out of a garbage can, and gave them to a girl I didn't like, one time during silent reading I screamed "we're all gonna die," If I ever walked past an open classroom door I would start dancing and making faces, and then run off before a teacher caught me.

I also held a lot of events.

Monkey Bar Fights: a bunch of boys hung from the monkey bars and kicked the crap out of each other until someone fell off, sometimes we would get on top of the monkey bars and try to push someone over the edge. This got banned quickly, but we still did it anyways.

Withstand the Bleachers: the bleachers were extremely hot (I live in one of the hottest states in th U.S.) so no one would sit on them, two people would simultaneously put one of their hands on the bleacher, and see who could withstand the longest, when we would finish our hands would be red with silver sparkles that had rubbed of from the bleachers.

School House Roulette: when you got kicked out of a class for being disruptive you were forced to sit in the back of a 5th grade classroom. The desk was one of those large ones that has the sides blocked off. I decided to write “Kevin was here” (yes that's my name, *gasp* you now know my secret identity) on the desk wall. When I get kicked out of class again a few days later I realized more people had wrote that they were at the desk. I then proceeded to erase all the names of the people I didn't like which then started a cycle of people erasing the names of people they didn't like. Every week a teacher would inspect the desk, and everyone who had their name written on the desk would be given detention.

The reason I did this stuff was because I liked seeing other people laugh. Ever since kindergarten I had been referred to as the "funniest kid in school" a title no one was ever able to take from me. I had little regard for my own personal health, I would do anything if it made someone laugh or smile. It just felt good to be noticed, my dad worked two jobs (janitor & apartment maintenance), my mom worked in a rubbermaid factory. The only time I saw my parents was when my dad made me help out at his work, or when we would go to church, and they would pass judgement on every miniscule thing I did. I was an honor roll student for years, but they never payed much attention to what I did on account of their work schedules. The schoolyard was different though, I was king there.

Playing Bully was a trip down memory lane. I can relate to Jimmy Hopkins. I remember the time in high school when I was nothing, and middle school when I was everything, my rise, and my fall. I'm not the kind of person who likes to live in the past, constantly yearning for the time that was, but it was nice being able to relive some of those moments when I picked up the game pad.

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