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Bethesda games are always a wealth of visual bugs that make no sense.


Smash has been out for a month now, so how are you all doing with it? New mains, online success, etc? I had my first opponent rage quit yesterday, so that was fun.


Didn't think Ganondorf would be my second character in Elite Smash. But I guess here we are.


Heck yeah, finally broke my way into Elite Smash with Ike. Now to work on getting there with my other mains.


Aw yeah, it came in! Now I've got something to play on New Year's.


So not all amiibo progress is carried over to Ultimate. I now have to go through the process of properly teaching my Shulk amiibo how to Xenoblade again. By using only Back Slash for everything.


Heck yeah, my copy of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls has finally shipped. It probably won't be here until sometime next year, but I can't wait to rope some friends in to playing it.


So what characters are you all liking unexpectedly? I'm actually really digging Roy/Chrom and Incineroar, despite not being interested in them before release. I also really love this iteration of Jigglypuff. Actually really good.


So I just played an online battle in Ultimate. I accidentally SD'd, but it took two stocks from me instead of one. What the hell.


So through some testing I've found out that it's possible for Incineroar to do over 100% damage in a single hit. It probably won't happen in normal play, but it's fun. Counter a fully charged Flare Blade from Roy, then use a fully charged F-smash. Dead.


Ultimate is at a Canada Post office about 25 minutes from where I live, but it apparently will take until Monday before it'll arrive. Great.


I called it. You all laughed but I called it. You can call me ScioNostradamus from now on.


So one of my molars is falling apart, hooray. Guess it's time to see if I can afford a dentist appointment.


Got my new 970 Evo installed, and got Windows up and running as well on it. Pretty snappy, I gotta say. Repurposing my old boot SSD for Steam exclusively, now I just hope I won't have to redownload my sound libraries...


Oh my God this is such a banger.


Wasn't able to yesterday, but I finally got my N64 dug out and hooked up again. You know what time it is? That's right, it's Ocarina Of time.


This baby came in today. I can't wait to read it and hope to play using it at some point soon.


Ayy, Walmart just charged me for Ultimate, for 56 bucks-would be 90 normally. Glad I preordered it now!


The new Muse album is better than I thought it'd be. I was pleasantly surprised by Algorithm and the Dark Side. There's still some real garbage on there like Propaganda and Dig Down, but there's still some good tracks here and there.


I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo announces a gargantuan third party character for Ultimate at the Game Awards. Ultimate releases the day after and it'd get a lot of people to buy the game and Fighter pass.


The amount of easter eggs in this poster is insane. They even have Snorlax blocking Route 1 there, haha.


I forgot how insane the encounter rate of Final Fantasy 9 is. Like, half a second after you get out of a battle, you get thrown right into another one. I don't mind random battles, but you gotta give people at least one second to progress between them.


Hollow Knight's physical release has been cancelled. That's a shame, as I would have bought it a third time for a physical copy.


I've started working on my entry for Destructoid Draws. I haven't drawn anything in almost 20 years so I'm sure it'll turn out great.


It took longer than I wanted, but I'm finally under 200 pounds. I haven't been under 200 since I left for my first college program over eight years ago. Still got more to go, but man am I glad my hard work is paying off.


My Smash Ultimate GC controller has shipped. I can't wait to try it out, since all my current GC controllers are like 15 years old.


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