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Got a new video finished! I'm starting a new journey, one that'll take me through all the Paper Mario games. I really want to talk about the bad ones, but I may as well go through the good ones first. One last bump for the weekend crowd!


I'm getting very close, very close indeed. Funnily enough, this game counts all cutscenes in the IGT, so this is probably actually less than two hours in play.


Yoo God of War coming to PC in January. I just played it on PS4 recently, but I'll definitely jump back in on PC.


Nintendo/MercurySteam have to be really careful when patching Dread. Fixing the crashes? Sure. But if they remove the tricks/exploits speedrunners use, that may actually increase piracy. MercurySteam probably understands this, but Nintendo may not.


Aww yeah, now that's a half-decent time. Wasted a lot of time making some wrong turns, but I'm getting there.


So yeah, any good I have to say about the Animal Crossing update is drowned out by how awful the NSO Expansion Pack pricing is. At least they aren't increasing the price of the standard plan. That shouldn't be the silver lining.


Games may slide around, and they aren't really ordered in tiers, but I think this is where things fall for the Metroid games in my opinion right now.


Aww yeah. Now to get back to work on videos and crap.


On my second run of Dread now. Got lots of items out of order, hit a secret quick kill on a boss that required a sequence break, and completely skipped a second boss. This is good shit man.


Take a guess at what my game of the year is haha.


Streamed Dread for 5 and a half hours, man I am having fun. In game time shows just under 4 hours, with 40% item completion so far. Should be able to get 100% this weekend, good stuff.


I was japed. I check the delivery status of Dread and see that it was changed from Monday to delivered. Looks like I'll be dying to EMMI on stream tonight.


And of the eve of Dread, I completed AM2R 100%. So I did manage to beat all the best 2D Metroid games leading up to it. Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Super, Fusion, and AM2R. And I'm still not sick of it. So bring on Dread tomorrow (hopefully!)


If nothing else, the Mario movie stuff during the direct gave us a new meme, and I like this new meme.


My most realistic hope for the Direct is Mario Party Superstars getting lots of post-launch content. Big announcements are up in the air, but a cash cow like Mario Party getting loads of DLC should be a no-brainer. Video unrelated.


Walmart has preauthorized my special edition of Metroid Dread. I can still barely believe it's happening.


On top of Bloodborne, I'm going to be doing a run of Dark Souls 3 with some buddies, and my character is ready. You're a beautiful man, Clob.


For the love of God, just bring back Tatsunoko VS. Capcom, whatever it takes.


My review on Cris Tales is out! Check it out if you want, I think this is another good one! One last bump for the weekend crowd!


I felt a jolt of inspiration today, I'm sorry


Got my clean install of Windows 11 working the way I want it, and my next review is going to be out in just a few hours! In the meantime, I'm going to be playing through Super Metroid on my stream starting at noon! https://www.twitch.tv/scionvyse


In the colour correction phase of my next video, in which I turn myself from a tomato into a potato. The video should be done by early next week at the very latest.


Started up Bloodborne again. This is always the most important part.


So, with the Horizon delay, does Sony have any games coming out this holiday season? Or are they just going to hope that the hype sustains them in the wake of Nintendo and Microsoft's big hitters?


I can't believe this took four years to randomly pop up in my Youtube recommended feed. I feel like my life before this was now empty.


I'm getting more hyped every day.


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