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What's this? Two videos in one month? I must be taking crazy pills! Saturday afternoon bump! I'm interested in seeing how my rankings match up with other people who've played all/most of these games.


Got my 5G antenna injected. The range is good, but I'm going back in September for a speed boost.


Now that I've got decent internet again, I'm probably going to get back into streaming. Now just to figure out what to start off with. Pic related.


Oh baby, he's the greatest gamer. I burned my only holy card on floor 1 too, so basically did all that without getting hit once.


It took me a long time, but I finally finished a new full video. Instead of going super deep into one game, I'm looking at four, the Prince of Persia games released for handheld systems! One last bump for the weekend, I think this one turned out great!


One thing I'm thankful for in new Pokemon Snap, is that the Pokemon don't use the anime cries, they are basically all just animal sounds, as they should be.


Not bad for a first try with a new character. Previous run was unlocking him, (and getting true ending with vanilla Judas) lol.


Just missed a PS5 drop by two minutes. Feels bad, man.


Pretty proud of this achievement. And it only took me like three attempts for each of the new routes. Even with the reworks, the Keeper is not an easy character to play as, so I'm surprised this is the second character I've finished.


#Caturday My girl having a rest after a long, exhausting night of also sleeping.


It is done. I'm not fighting another 7500 battles to get the ESP'er points to star rank.


The World Ends With You: Do Literally Everything run update 2: 70 hours in, 99%. The last 1% is going to be a pain in the ass.


All y'all going on about Monster Hunter, whereas I'm just waiting for the new Isaac expansion to release tomorrow which will almost double the game's content. I need another 1000 hours in that game, apparently.


Related to my previous TWEWY post, I'd never actually beaten A New Day until yesterday. It was pretty great, and this final boss theme is such a banger, sounds kinda like what you'd hear on Random Access Memories.


The World Ends With You: Do Literally Everything Run update- 41 hours in, all story events and secret reports done, 200 pins mastered (about 60%), and 87.5% of items gathered. It's grind time.


Still working on my next Prince of Persia video, which is going to be a big one, but I managed to find some time to make a quick video about Gnosia! Give it a watch if you haven't bought the game and want an opinion on it! One bump for the weekend crowd!


Haha, that mining limiter that Nvidia put on the 3060 that is totally hardware and can't be fixed with a driver update? Well they're removing it with a driver update soon. Oh, Nvidia, please change.


Yuriko: "Hey I'll tell you something cool if you help me survive this loop." Yuriko one minute later: Is a bug and gets exploded by the engineer. Thanks game.


https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/man-who-spent-270-hours-playing-xenoblade-series-relieved-it-meant-something/ How dare you, Hard times. How dare you.


Pyra and Mythra look super busted, and I can't wait to try out my new main tonight.


Hey, I actually managed to keep myself on track for two whole months! And I was able to play a bunch of games too!


I was feeling creative over the last few days so I decided I'd start writing a short story. I've never done it before, so it'll be terrible, but I want to see it through. Not sure if I'll ever post it, but maybe!


New Gizzard album out today, the follow up to K.G., L.W. It's pretty cool


Man, playing the handheld Prince of Persia games are a trip. When I thought "handheld Prince of Persia", I certainly didn't expect "Advance Wars."


So I guess I'm in the "Sure, I'll do literally everything in The World Ends With You" phase again. I'll be back in 100 hours or so.


Pyra/Mythra in Smash is something I never thought was going to happen, but I'm very happy it did. And switching between the two like Pokemon Trainer? I can't wait to try them out.


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