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I like Baba is You, but if gives me the opposite feeling that most puzzle games do. After solving a difficult puzzle, there's usually the "Aha! I'm a genius!" but with Baba is You, I find solutions and feel like a moron for not seeing them sooner.


Tooth came out easy, now I just have to wait and see if I lose all of my blood today.


Getting a tooth pulled tomorrow. Gonna have ice cream on standby since that'll be all I can eat all day.


This box art is just, not good. There's a lot to say about how bad it is, but notice right in the middle of the image that the tip of Claude's bow doesn't connect with the rest of it on the other side of the lens flare effect. Also he's upside down.


My biggest hope for Sword and Shield is that they bring back the National Dex. Its exclusion stopped me from doing more in Sun and Moon than I would have otherwise. I completed it in X, and I'd probably do it again in Sword if given the chance.


Posting this to the qposts. Still have a waifumon, even if it isn't Gardevoir.


Running a DnD campaign soon, and I decided I'd write a piece of music as a main theme for it. Only took like 4 hours, and I think it turned out really, really well. Let me know what you think!


Ayy, broke 4 million GSP with Ike last night, thanks to using good internet at a friend's place. I'vs also bee using Young Link a bunch. Everything combos into everything else with him.


I decided to do a new playthrough of Bloodborne using the Tonitrus since I had never used it before. This was a mistake, the Tonitrus is boring.


Still can't afford my root canal, and then I find out today that someone stole my card info and made a $400 purchase on my account. Life just keeps getting better.


Cereal is soup but it isn't soup soup.


Got 2nd in my first round of Tetris 99. Oh no, I think I'll be playing this game a lot.


Hollow Knight's Hornet DLC is getting revealed early tomorrow morning. Well, this evening in Australia, but the middle of the night everywhere else in the world.


My one wish for tomorrow's direct is for Nintendo to completely invalidate the Wii U forever. Bring the Prime Trilogy (hopefully an actual remaster) and Mario Maker to Switch and there will be no reason for me to ever turn that thing on again.


Kingdom Hearts 3 done. Maybe it's just me, but it feels so short when there's only one trip to each world. Got to the final set of fights in under 20 hours. Was definitely awesome, but nothing is going to top Xemnas' fight in 2.


Millions of people are watching some fuutbol, but people should have been watching a Pikachu vs. Yoshi match in the top 8 of a major Melee tournament.


Worst thing about Kingdom Hearts 3 so far is that Sora's high jump is no longer a backflip. Actual worst thing are the hashtagsocialmedia loading screens. Riku posting serious thoughts with a bunch of random hashtags below it is dumb.


It's kinda incredible thst Ultimate has basically outsold Brawl's lifetime sales in one month. Nuts.


I said all was good in my last post. What I meant to say was "Oh."


Yo we now live in a world where Smash Bros gets actual patch notes and there are more buffs than nerfs. Also Chrom's suicide got nerfed but not Ike's. All is good. Also also Plant is in.


Welp, went to the dentist to try to get my tooth fixed. The filling didn't work, and now I'm in a bunch of pain that I can't do anything about. So I either have the tooth pulled, or I somehow scrounge up 1500 bucks for a root canal. Hooray.


Bethesda games are always a wealth of visual bugs that make no sense.


Smash has been out for a month now, so how are you all doing with it? New mains, online success, etc? I had my first opponent rage quit yesterday, so that was fun.


Didn't think Ganondorf would be my second character in Elite Smash. But I guess here we are.


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