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Deus Ex: Remember the Gas Station?

This image floated to my desktop last week with the caption "OMG look at those gas prices!" The comment is hardly original and has to be from a nameless forum poster somewhere (nameless because it's not worth my time to look it up.)

It reminded me of Deus Ex. There's a part when you walk by a gas station. You look up and you see this:

And you think "Wow society really went to shit if gas was pushing 4 bucks a gallon!" Following that you take your pile of guns and continue on your merry way to slaughtering scores of members of various shadowy factions.

Well, gas is almost pushing $4 a gallon. Is it time to go buy a shotgun? Maybe I should at least buy sunglasses, a black leather raincoat and get to work on my hacking skills.
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