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Why can I not bring myself to play GTA IV anymore?

Why can't I do it?! This is so weird.

GTA is one of my favorite series. I first played GTA 1 at age eleven, and I've played the series ever since. I loved GTA 3 and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread back when it came out. I loved GTA: VC as well. It was perhaps the best in the series. I liked GTA: SA as well, even though some criticize it for various reasons. I still loved it and thought it was very good.

But I can't play GTA IV. I bought it, and I was so hyped about it. I went to a GameStop release at midnight and I was one of the first people there. I got home, ripped it open, shoved it in, and started to play.

...The driving sucked. They changed it. Those mother fuckers...changed...the driving mechanics. SERIOUSLY?! They worked so well before.

I began to think the game was terrible. But I couldn't believe it, so I continued to play.

The driving STILL is pretty lame, but I've gotten more used to it and realize that it adds a sense of realism that I can kind of appreciate, so it's not as big of a deal. I'm used to it now.

The game is so details...If you drive too long and hard, your tires begin to rip off the rims. Seriously? What attention to detail! The entire game looks great and has so much detail and is quite fun.

But I still can't play it. It is sitting on my desk and every time I go to play a game...I switch on my PS3 to play the Battlefield: Bad Company demo rather than switching on my Xbox 360 to play GTA IV.

I think I've finally figured out my problem.

My problem is First Person Shooters.

"LOLWUT?", you say?

Yea. First Person Shooters. That's my fucking problem.

"But GTA IV isn't an FPS, dumb ass.", you say?

Yea, I know. The problem is that I've been playing FPS's lately and I realize I am pretty good at them. When I pop in any other type of game...I'm not as good. And I get frustrated and shut it off.

I recently tried Heavenly Sword. It's an okay God of War rip off, but the fucking game is such a button masher that I only got to the first boss before I swore it off. I haven't touched it since. I mean, God of War is a bit of a button masher, but it is so well-done and you have breaks in button mashing to solve puzzles, climb around, etc. Heavenly Sword - so far - just sucks. You sit there practically bashing two buttons. That's stupid. It's pretty though, I'll give it that.

I rented Heavenly Sword, of course...So no money was lost. It was even rented as a free rental. I feel sorry for anyone who paid for that game. My sympathies.

Anyways...FPS's...It all started when I pre-ordered GTA IV. I also bought the Orange Box at the same time. I had never played HL or TF2, so I tried them both and loved them. Previously, I had not really cared for FPS's; I thought they were iffy.

Then I played COD4. AWESOME.

Now I'm playing the BF:BC demo (as I said earlier), and I love the hell out of it.

So I go to play Heavenly Sword...It sucks. I try playing GTA IV again...I get bored and frustrated. I try Assassin's Creed...Bored! I try Warhawk...Okay, bad example...The flying in that game is fun, but the ground game sucks ass...Either way, BORED.

I go through my games and the only ones I can stand are FPS's. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? Also, TPS's like Gears of War were acceptable as well. It's like I enjoy organized war more than chaotic killing these days. I don't know.

But damn you, fraggers. You've got me in your clutches. I don't want to be one of you. Leave me alone. STOP IT! I don't WANT to run around in my daily life yelling, "BOOM, HEADSHOT!", I don't want to believe that running with a knife shall make me faster; THAT IS DANGEROUS!

I just want to enjoy my games again.

Gimme' back my soul. Fuckers.

'Kay, I'm going to go play BF:BC some more, but I wanted to ask those of you who are still reading....Has something like this ever happened to you? Ever tried a genre, liked it and then been bored by other genres afterwards? I just don't understand this, and I hope it doesn't effect me too greatly. I'd hate to pick up God of War 3 someday, or Spore or something and just yawn over it.

Oh well. Frag on. :(
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