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My gaming set up: Let me show it to you! Also, PS3 impressions.


So I blogged a week back or so that I had bought this awesome 40" Samsung HDTV. 1080p, 30000:1 contrast, etc etc.

First off, this is my first HDTV as well as my first TV that is...well, massive (by my standards). I LOVE IT...I can finally read friggin' text for once. I thought dev's were making text small just to piss me off, but come to find out it's because apparently, games are not being made with SDTV's in mind any more! I finally got sick fo it because my SDTV ruined my GTA IV experience...It looked meh, I couldn't read text, and I just didn't want to play it at all...Which is saying something, because that is my favorite series of all time.

So the TV is great. Looks great, works great, all that...The only down-side is the fact that you had to scoot back from my desk in order to get full high-def. This is my fault because I wanted to put it by my PC so I could run games off of it, but it seems that is futile, because games look like shit on the HDTV because nothing I have will apparently go up to 1920x1080. Half Life, TF2, DoW, etc...They all stopped at 1200x1000 (whatever the exact res is :P) and unless they can go higher and I am unaware of HOW, then it is doomed to just look shitty, thus rendering playing it on the HDTV useless. I may move it off this desk and to my other desk...Haven't decided yet. I mean, it is pretty cramped on this one!

Anyways...So this is my set up. Like it? I do. Yay.

But on to the PS3...I always said I'd never buy one because they were so expensive, but with Bluray winning the format war and PS3 launching a few cool games soon (I'm actually not that hyped about MGS4, even though the first one [the only one I've played] was awesome...SOMEONE HYPE ME PL0Z!), I figured I'd buy one...Plus, the guy at Best Buy gave me $100 off the PS3 when I got my HDTV...Plus, I got 3 free Bluray movies with the HDTV, so I had to have a way to watch 'em!

The PS3 is great. You know what? I have a 360 as you can see...But you 360 fanboys need a big slice of STFU. I was never a faboy of the 360, and the 360 is great, but if the PS3 had a better library (the only thing 360 has on the PS3, IMO), I'd sell my 360 right now. I was THAT impressed with the PS3.

I was so impressed with the PS3 that I am actually going to start buying all PS3/360 games for PS3...Especially those with online capabiity; as the online on the PS3 is freakin' FREE. How cool is that? I don't even have to pay to listen to whiny 13 year old bitches anymore (any less, either...lulz)! AWESOME!

First off, before I even fired the PS3 up, I was impressed. There is no "on button" or "eject button", there is like...Star Trek technology on this muh-fugguh. You run your finger over an icon and BAM! The shit turns on. That is so cool. Also, I went to eject the disk tray to put in my first game; Warhawk...Another surprise...There IS no ejecting disk tray. You simply slide the disk in, and when you run your finger over the Star Trek-esque eject icon, the disk simply pops out without a disk tray! SWEET. That is actually really cool, as I am no fan of disk trays.

Anyways, I turn the sucker on and pop in Warhawk. I am taken to the PS3's system page, which IMO is much cleaner than Xbox 360's. Xbox 360's has ads and shit all over it, too...Makes it kinda' fugly. PS3 has no such thing! It's a sleek black page with a silvery wave going across it and a very simple interface.

So far, so good.

I go to play Warhawk and am prompted to make an online account for PSN. I make one with ease and am logging into Warhawk for my first game within minutes.

Warhawk is a pretty fun game, but it has a VERY steep learning curve as far as flying planes go. I am getting better, but still getting owned by the Generals flying around. :) However, I have taken my share of planes down once I learned how to lock on to planes after like, 2 hours of playing...Before that, I couldn't take ANYTHING down, lol.

The ground-game in Warhawk is not very good. You can unload a clip from a machine gun into your opponent and he will not die...Yet your opponent can throw one grenade at you and you are toast. Or even worse, as you are unloading a clip into him, he can simply run up and knife you. People seem to use knifes and grenades more than anything in this game, and that is truly a shame. They should really fix this, but since they haven't by now...They're not likely to. I mean, it's worse than Halo, and I hated how you had to unload clips into people on Halo. Argh.

So, I tend to stay in planes. I'm better at it and I don't have to deal with the "cheap" tactics of the ground warfare.

I have not gotten any other games yet, but I am likely going to get COD4, as I loved that game on 360, but never got to play it online. I also plan on renting (not buying...too short!) Heavenly Sword, and maybe even Lair, even though I am told it sucks bawlz.

Any other suggestions from you guys would be welcomed. Keep in mind though, I'd only consider buying a game with multiplayer or massive amounts of replay value. I can no longer justify spending $60 to play a game once. It makes no sense. I don't buy DVD's for the same reason...Too expensive to only watch once, or even twice.

Which reminds me...Bluray movies are $30/each. Wow. Fuck that. I'm definitely renting those!

I also went on youtube and some other websites from the PS3's browser; something that I thought was very cool, but I likely won't use it too much. I thought about watching some porn on it just for comedic effect, but decided against it for obvious reasons...Porn+PS3=Not intended, surely.

Oh, and just to touch on the Sixaxis real quick...It's pretty nifty, but I only had Warhawk to try it out with, and it's not TOO great for Warhawk. I Imagine it'd be a lot more fun for Heavenly Sword and whatnot. I don't really move the controller anymore when I play games (I figured out playing Mario at 6 that moving the controller while jumping does indeed NOT make Mario jump any further, no matter how much I think it helps...), so moving it now is kinda'...weird. I can't imagine playing a Wii...I'd probably get so sick or that, lol. But anyways, it is nifty.

All in all, the system reaks of next-gen IMO, and it really made me look at my 360 and say, "Yo, whats up with you, bro?"...Like I said, if it wasn't for the 360's library now and in the future...I'd likely sell it. I still like my 360, but I'll be damned if the PS3 isn't taking me over just a little bit. I've even considered trading in my GTA IV for 360 for a PS3 version, due to the PS3's free online capabilities. I mean, hell...I have this PS3 and HDTV to pay for. Can't afford myself any Xbox LIVE! :P By the way...Anyone out there willing to do such a trade, gimme' a hollar. ;)

Soooo, yea...I guess that's it. I just wanted to make this real quick to say my impressions of the PS3, basically. I'm kinda' busy writing a science essay, so this is pretty half-assed. :P

Thanks for reading.
<3 Schmo0zle and his PS3
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