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My day of gaming indulgence and debt gaining: Let me show it to you.

So, my PS3 is downloading it's firmware right now and it is literally taking like, 5 weeks. It's at 50% right now, and it has been at it for 30 minutes.

So far, not good.

So let me show you how I got to the point:

I applied at Best Buy for a finance card. I figured I'd get rejected, so I expect to spend a grand total of "Jack shit" today. I was wrong. They approved me for $3600. "No way I'm spending that much today." I said to the cute lady at the service desk. She smiled. Then my friend cock blocked me by saying, "So, are you still fucking your ex?" Cute lady at desk heard this. She immediately gave me an odd look. Note to self: No longer friends with this man. Kill him.

So, I bought a PS3 today as I said. Why did I buy a PS3 that I hadn't planned on buying? Because the guy at Best buy said "$100 off if you buy this too, bro!" when I was shopping for my first HDTV.

Oh yea, by the way; I bought an HDTV today. It's a 42" 1080p, 30000:1 contrast, more stats that I do not know the meaning of, etc etc. It was $1500. I'm such a fucking idiot. I don't even have $1500. What am I doing?

The guys at Best Buy totally raped me. They must get commission, and they had to of been able to tell I had little idea what I was really looking for. So they sold me on the most expensive HDMI cable, a power system (actually probably a good buy, BUT STILL!), the HDTV warranty which was like $200 (Argh..), and even the PS3 warranty which I know I likely won't need. Thankfully, that was only $60.


Okay, I'm back. Continuing on, I bought Warhawk, because the fuckin' PS3 didn't come with any games. Bastards, why must you rape me? I hope this game is good. It looked good, but so did Heavenly Sword. I decided to play the manly flying game instead of the girl ass-kicking game. Good choice? Who knows. We'll see. At least I got a Blutooth, amirite?

About the only good thing about today was that they gave me 3 blurays for free. This ended up being lame as well, as all 3 movies suck; yea, I didn't get to pick. What a joke. :(

I'm psyched that I got an HDTV so I can finally play GTA IV properly, and the PS3 seems nifty so far (still have to take it for a real test drive on the HDTV!), but I feel like I raped myself merely by going into Best Buy. Not only did I rack up like $2400 worth of goods, I now have a new system I have to buy games for, which will be even more money I won't have. Little Big Planet, MGS4...Damnit, I'm just going to stop there before I /wrist.

So, what do you guys think...Will the police believe me if I call them and say my house got robbed so that I don't have to pay this shit off? Lulz. :(

Not a very good blog since I want to get playin' teh Hawkz o' War, but just thought I'd let everyone know how much fail and win I am full of today. Win due to epic gaming experience, fail due to me paying for it.

Oh well, at least it's 3-year financing. it's only, what...$75/month?

PS3 fanboys, rejoice! For I am now your brother!

...PSYCHE! My 360 hasn't red-ringed yet, nukkah's! But there is one red-ringed at the metrodome in Minneapolis, FYI.
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