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damn u assholes

cant get this shit stuck out of my head. more fun than quasi midget mutant chipmunks with pitchforks. or close enough. also cocks.


About Scandalousone of us since 2:09 AM on 02.19.2007

I live in hell but I'm going to school to work on video games for a living.

I am addicted to my computer, video games, photography, writing, booze, smoothies, and hot chix. I have too many expensive habits and not enough time.

Before smoothies are added, my brain is jelly. (Fuck I could really go for a smoothie now.. mmmm... and now I'm distracted by that girl too.. double mmmm)

Anyways, so mostly RPGS. Horror/spooky games. I love MMOs. I like niche games. I was on KZ for a long time at work, and love it. If I'm pissed off, I love me some postal. And foreign games... But I don't discriminate... if it's good I'll play it. I don't care what system, because I own most of em... and I have 3 comps to play on if it's PC.

Yah and theres page bc i don't feel like typing anymore.