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Hi there D-Toid!

Ok, my best friend IRL, Arkhon, said that it was a "Rite of Passage" to do an introductory post both on my Blog and in the forums. So I composed a very detailed list of things that interest me most (see my "About Me" section on my profile ...


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There's a lot to say about me. First off, I have a very wide range of interests, and therefore many hobbies an things to consume my time. I am a musician and am pretty much the best example of the word "geek." I play many instruments, my favorites being the saxes and drums. At home, I can be found playing a game, writing a webpage for someone, or more likely, talking to my friends. As for gaming, I am a very hardcore PC gamer, an as such, feel very underappreciated in the gaming world. I love MMO's, but I hate WoW. It sucks. Period.

I got my real start in gaming shortly after my parents bought me those crappy-coded educational games for the PC. Remember those? Anyways, I loved playing those and moved on really fast. At the age of 8, I was amazing at Unreal Tournament, and could win a LMS against bots on Exceptional. Since then, I became obsessed with such games as Star Wars Battlefront and BFII. At one point, when I was 11, I placed on the Top 50 Players list in BFII for like a month. Not to brag, I'm just saying I'm a decent player. Now, I play mostly MMO's and shooters, mostly those oriented towards multiplayer. A list of my favorite MMO's would probably include Dungeons and Dragons Online (yes, I play tabletop all the time!), Mabinogi, Aika (when it is released), and Ragnarok Online (mostly private servers). If you play any of those, feel free to hit me up!